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[QUOTE=Neca]Hey guys sorry it's been some time since I updated. Along with the bowel cleanse, I have also started using the bentonite clay as a facial mask. I have read many places that bentonite clay is excellent for absorbing all the toxins out from the face. Well I have been doing this facial mask for the past 5 days, once and sometimes twice a day. I just smear it on and leave it to dry on my face. It takes about 1 hour to dry and you can really feel your skin tightening up. It isn't strange to get quite a lot of facial redness after washing the mask off because apparently the clay stimulates the blood to move to the surface of the skin so as to help facilitate quick removal of toxins.

So far my face has worsened since using the mask and doing the bowel cleanse. My face is very patchy with a very uneven skin tone however I have not experienced any whiteheads at all. I think my skin has worsened because there must be so many toxins stuck right underneath all the layers of skin and so are only just now being pushed out by the clay. At least this is what I am hoping :confused: ! I'm wondering whether anyone else has tried using the clay for a mask: what were the results and do you use just clay?

I got my paraGONE kit today so will be thinking about starting it soon but not sure when. The bowel cleanse has been going ok I guess, I did pass out something extermely 'block-looking', grey-green and quite solid :confused: ? Weird huh? It may have been mucoid plaque.

MsMeaganMay/Indy_Gal how are your cleanses going, are you seeing any good results? How is your facial complexion at the moment? Have you experienced any further side-effects? I am kinda finding it quite difficult maintaining two shakes per day as you have to drink so much water and I keep having to go to the toilet. Last night I passed so much water, every two hours I had to wake up and go to the toilet. It's so hard sleeping. How are you finding this aspect of the cleanse?

Prometheus I was also wondering whether you could do me the biggest favour and write an outline of your general daily routine i.e. breakfast/lunch/dinner. Detailing what you usually eat and snack on, aswell as any supplements you may take. Also could you describe your morning/evening wash routine i.e. what soap/cleanser/face wash etc. do you use? I 'think' I am following a very similar diet/routine as you and do not seem to be reaping the same clear skin as you so I must be doing something wrong somewhere. This would be a great help if you could do this and I am sure many other people would like to know aswell. Thanks again.[/QUOTE]

Hey there Neca, how are you? My cleansings are going well...most of my joy from them has come from the wonderful heal up of scars all over my body and in my face...things are starting to even out..which is really nice...especially because I've had some of these scars for years. I really think I had things causing me nutritional deficiencies. I don't do 3 shakes a day most of the time...truthfully because I'm not able to due to my schedule. So, it has been 1 or 2 a day. I have never tried applying the bentonite clay to my face...but that could very well be causing you to break out. I know that everytime you are given facial masks from various skin dermatoligists and doctors, or any other place...they advise you that your face will most likely break out for atleast a week before getting better (because of it drawing toxins to the surface). Another thing is that I've known a few people who do facial masks, but only do them once or twice a week...generally not everyday. Maybe you should cut down on them a bit? Many people on another board began using honey on their face..which also draws toxins to the surface. It did seem to help quite a bit in the long run, but for the first week or two brought lots of spots to the surface. On another note, it could be drying out your face severely, thus causing a breakout. I guess I don't have any definite answers for you on that one :confused: . The only way you should experience a breakout during cleansing really is if you don't get the toxins out fast enough...but, the P&B shakes, along with lots of water should help to move the toxins out fast (along with a diet high in fiber). I have passed some interesting things....some days things look normal, while other days I do see things that look a bit unusual. Better out, than in :) I don't consume very much animal protein normally...but I do generally consume it about once a week...and have still occasionally during the cleanses with no problem. With the bowel cleanse you are advised to avoid meat and dairy..alot of people don't..but following what you advised to do is ALWAYS best. I personally have been snacking on lots of nuts and seeds (as always)....but mostly raw almonds, raw almond butter, raw sunflower seeds, and raw pumpkin seeds (as these are advised for the parasite kill), along with lots of apples (mostly these are also advised by the parasite kill), although I do eat other fruits (which they suggest you eat during the bowel cleansing), I also eat vegetables steamed (be sure to eat your leafy greens :D ...spinach...collard greens..turnip greens..mustard greens..and so on) which you can add lemon to and it adds a pretty nice flavor, ..along with fresh salads (you can take spinach, add finely chopped zucchini over it, with avocado as your salad dressing..and a lime squeezed over it if you like...its a simple salad i make sometimes that i enjoy :) ). Anyhow, those are just a few suggestions. I've got the recipe for a liver cleansing salad to eat for 7 days that is supposed to be pretty good...I'll have to search for it and post it. If you have a juicer...this is a good time to make use of it. Another good thing to add along with cleansing is cleansing of the lymph system (which helps remove toxins) by skin brushing and rebounding excercises. Skin brushes are very cheap..and you can usually do the rebounding excercises on a small trampoline. for the stomach cramping...Prometheus is right that it could be caused by meat. I have consumed some animal protein over the course of the cleanse and did not experience any discomfort over it. But I did add in a bit too much bentonite one night and got quite a stomach cramp...although I did pass something that looked a bit unusual that may have been it as well. Bowel cleansing tries to cleanse and push out the mucuous...dairy and meats are mucuous forming foods..soooo...that's why they are recommended to avoid during the cleanses. Also, it could be the bentonite or psyllium..too much of either can cause stomach cramps. So can not drinking enough water.
Hey MsMeaganMay, glad to hear your getting amazing results from your cleansing. The fact that your old scars are healing up is great, that must make you so happy :) ! I know if I experienced clear, even toned skin I would be so excited!!! Thanks for the advice regarding the Bentonite mask, your right it could be many things that are causing my skin to go strange: either the toxins are being pushed out or my skin is drying out. The thing is my skin (on my face) hasn't really been experiencing whiteheads/blackheads recently it's just very very uneven toned and weird looking (lol). I'm not sure how I can put it into words but basically there are parts where the skin is its normal olive colour but then there are places which have red patches and even completely white patches? So there is an enormous diversity of colour but it is so frustrating because it looks so unnatural of course. This all happened even before the cleanses/clay masks but has got considerably worse.

I think the key to all this is hormonal balance and stability. I wish I could get my hormones balanced as I am so sure this is why I have Acne, Seborrheic Dermatitis, mild Rosacea and facial flushings! How many damn conditions is that?!?! :confused: and every single derm just says to me 'oh well there isn't really a cure but these topical treatments will work fine if you always use them'! I swear once I get these hormones balanced, all my skin problems will either dramatically reduce or even disappear.

So the question is how can I balance them naturally? I have followed a correct diet for many years and yet my hormones are unbalanced. So will doing these cleanses balance them and turn all the nutrient definciencies into surpluses? Which cleanse is key to balancing the hormones? I have read that the liver cleanse is essential in restabilising the body's full functioning, is this correct? MsMeaganMay, Do you drink any of the chinese herbal remedies and can you suggest any that may help me sort my hormones out?

[QUOTE=indy gal]I am doing great! Feel good overall, alert, energetic, not hungry like I was afraid I'd feel.[/QUOTE]

Indy_Gal, congrates on your current condition. That's great that your also doing so well and seem somewhat invigorated, lol. Yep unfortunately those cashew nuts can make you very acne-prone even though they taste damn good. But I still think Almonds and Walnuts taste better and are much much healthier.

Haha I can't believe you managed to convince your husband, must have been hard!? It makes the whole cleansing experience much easier when you are doing it with someone else. This forum helps loads in maintaining my motivation to continue to cleanse and none of my friends are willing to do cleansing let alone consider it. I haven't had anymore stomach cramps apart from one and so I must agree with you guys and blame it on the amount of bentonite that is used. Obviously the body cannot take too much bentonite at one go so it is better not to be too generous with the tablespoon. You say that there are too many things you are using on your face to use the bentonite, what are you using? I hope they aren't chemicals, antibiotics, creams etc.? It's probably better to let your skin breath whilst doing all these cleanses.

Keep up with the cleanses everyone...
Well, how was everyone's weekend? I got the chance to go out of town, so I decided to take it :) ..which is why I haven't posted earlier than today. Sadly, I don't remember half of the things I said in my last one...I think most of it was just me rambling on about all kinds of things I've read :D . Making any progress Neca and Indy? One thing I mentioned in my last post was to sit down and write down all of the health problems you have. I did this a few months ago. I never really believed I had very many health problems...but when you sit down and think about it..I'm sure you can come up with quite a few ;) lol. Most of mine were minor...just things like keratosis pilaris (bumps on arms), slight dandruff, slow healing time of scars/open cuts etc., red itchy eyes, slight stomach problems, facial skin problems, circles under my eyes...etc. Then I went and looked up what cause these things..each one specifically, and wrote down that info beside them. Next I tried to make connections. This is helpful because sometimes you can point out where your deficiencies etc. may lie...and it can help point you in a more clear direction :) . Another thing to look up online is what the color/textures of your tongue indicates...this can also point you in a direction of what may be causing some of your health problems. Most people notice that when they clear up one health problem...they clear up another as well :) . Fingernails can also point out whether you experience nutritional deficiencies and such. As for the bowel cleansing and parasite kill..suprisingly I'm not quite finished! lol....I'm on my last week and a half of the kill and only have done the bowel cleanse for about 2-3 weeks..(I started a little before you Indy). This weekend I completely forgot to bring my paragone supplies with me and so had to go without it. I also didn't bring the bowel cleansing supplies because I wasnt sure whether I would have time to prepare everything. What shocked me though was what I "got rid" of this weekend :eek: was unlike anything I've ever seen in my entire life. It wasn't MP...and I honestly have no idea what it was, I suppose I'll just have to go searching and look it up.

BTW Neca...If you ever open an Organic Kmart...I'll be your first customer :D . The health food store by me is pretty nice...but it doesnt meet ALL of my needs (I have lots of needs :D lol). There is also a bigger health food store that is semi-close to me..although the staff doesn't know much of anything related to their products, and their products are EXTREMELY overpriced compared to other stores/online shops. Sometimes the health food communities and people are a bit hidden and you just have to look for them. Try searching online for anything close in your area...or try contacting local health organizations/clubs/or even vitamin shops because alot of times they can give you numbers to organic co-ops in the area, or people who sell organic produce and other things straight out of their homes or have local meeting spots to buy/sell organic produce and health foods and such. Most of the people you meet at these are quite educated in health and nutrition and can provide you with lots of good info and great prices as well!

Also Neca, I thought I remember you asking others what face wash they use (if any...). I use Jason's Super-C Cleanser (they are a natural/organic company). I've used it for I don't think it ever had any big impact on changing my skin...although it did reduce the redness caused by harsh acne scrubs and soaps. But it is a very gentle cleanser that removes dirt/makeup/anything else really well, and leaves your skin feeling really I would recommend it :)

Take care everyone!
[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]Most of mine were minor...just things like keratosis pilaris (bumps on arms), slight dandruff, slow healing time of scars/open cuts etc., red itchy eyes, slight stomach problems, facial skin problems, circles under my eyes [/QUOTE]

MsMeagan, you listed your health problems in your last post; how many can you now say have been resolved through this process of correct diet and cleansing and how many are still present? This would be very interesting to know because I too have similar ones to yours so knowing the effectiveness of all the cleansing would be great. I think you make a real good point when you suggest listing all our health problems then seeing if we can find any connections regarding deficiencies etc.

The body is extremely intelligent and automatically produces warning signs that tell us there is something wrong that needs dealing with. You use the example of nails being indicators to certian nutritional deficincies. This is so very true, I had dark vertical lines about 2mm wide on quite a few of my nails for some time. I looked on the net to find out what this meant and found out that I had a Zinc deficiency. So I reviewed all the foods that were high in Zinc and whadyaknow...I hardly hardly ate any of them. So now when I go shopping I make sure to get loads of mushrooms, asparagus, pumpkin seeds (which are great for Paragone...even though you don't like them too much :p), FRESH parsley and green peas!

Nails are in fact amazing, lol. They also tells us whether we have Calcium deficiencies by producing those white dots things. I also remember one time, I banged my thumbnail real hard on something by accident and the nail cracked a little becoming really rough. I thought, well it's only a nail, it should heal itself in no time. HA! It was like that for over a year until I started taking Flaxseed oil. Suddenly, within the space of a few weeks, my nail began to grow back to it's full strength! Ever since, my healing of cuts/wounds etc. have really improved.

Now, if only people would treat acne on skin the same way that they treat those white spots on nails, plaque on teeth, body odour on skin etc. more people would experience better results. When you get B.O., do you just go to the nearest pharmacy to buy some antipersperant and cover yourself with the entire can? Disguise your smell with perfume? No, of course that isn't the right approach, you should shower! So why do we react to acne in a different way? It is obviously suggesting that the body is imbalanced somewhere.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]BTW Neca...If you ever open an Organic Kmart...I'll be your first customer :D . The health food store by me is pretty nice...but it doesnt meet ALL of my needs (I have lots of needs :D lol).[/QUOTE]

Woohooo, thanks for the support I'll let you know when we open :D. MsMeaganMay, I could't stop cracking up when you said 'but it doesn't meet ALL my needs...I have lots of needs'. That was hilarious! But I agree, whenever I go shopping don't you find that whatever you buy there is always something wrong say with the ingredients, poor labelling or price etc. Plus I always find that I have to visit about 1000 different stores just to get all my items. There isn't one store where I can get all my stuff which is so frustrating and the fact that I don't drive is a real pain in the a$$. That's why I think the net is so useful. As you say, it is cheaper and you can buy everything while sitting comfortably in one place (lazy lazy, yes!). You know I was thinking more about this 'Organic Kmart' idea and asked myself: what was one of the biggest drawbacks to buying goods from highstreet supermarkets? Well, IMO it's probably because you don't know where the goods come from and how they are made. Sooo wouldn't it be great if you could have a supermarket right next to a farm where you let all the customers see how the food is grown and how organic it actually is? You could also have a instore deli that makes everything entirely infront of you. Say if you wanted Humous then someone could get the tahini, chick peas, lemon juice and garlic and mix it all together right in front of you. As virtually everything is produced on site, you would have virtually no transport costs and the foods would be much much cheaper as you wouldn't use all those terrible chemicals, pesticides etc. Also, it would be great to have almost all the goods sold with as limited amount of packaging as possible. Don't you find that so many goods you buy always seem to come overpackaged when a simple sack would do. Hmm this is getting more interesting the more I think about it...or should I say, the more I DREAM about it (lol).

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]I use Jason's Super-C Cleanser (they are a natural/organic company). I've used it for I don't think it ever had any big impact on changing my skin...although it did reduce the redness caused by harsh acne scrubs and soaps.[/QUOTE]

Excellent, I will have a look at this brand as I am finding it really hard to get an all natural cleanser. Almost all the cleanser/soaps contain sooo many ridiculous chemicals. I think I will have to check out what's available online. What's the ingredients in the cleanser and does it foam up because I read somewhere that anything that foams up is an 'artificial product' made using special chemicals. Apparently 'safe' shampoos shouldn't foam?!

Well now onto the good news, my forehead is clear, my left cheek is clear, my chin is clear..the only parts that aren't are my nose and my right cheak. But these parts don't have whiteheads/blackheads, they just look bad due to those annoying flat red marks and a bit of sun discolouration. But at this point in time I really don't care, it is a great improvement compared to a few weeks back or a few months back or even a few years back (lol). My skin hasn't appeared this good for some time. This is definitely confidence boosting. Now I'm not sure exactly the cause but it is probably multifactorial. I think the cleansing is definitely sorting out my insides, I have still been doing the clay face mask but only a few times a week and am following my normal morning/evening regime (cetaphil, maybe a bit of exfoliation and then a bit of Neutrogena glycolic acid to clean out my sun discolouration). We will see how long this good state lasts though. I have yet to start ParaGONE but definitely will within the next few days when I get the chance to load up on fruits/vegs/nuts&seeds.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]I also didn't bring the bowel cleansing supplies because I wasnt sure whether I would have time to prepare everything. What shocked me though was what I "got rid" of this weekend was unlike anything I've ever seen in my entire life. It wasn't MP...and I honestly have no idea what it was, I suppose I'll just have to go searching and look it up.[/QUOTE]

LOL! MsMeagan what does MP stand for if I may ask, I think I can imagine what your getting at though. If it's not anything like you've ever seen in your entire life then I suggest you report it as an U.F.O., that stands for Unidentified Floating Object haha!!! Stop looking down please, I so don't wanna do ParaGONE now. But when I do do it there is no chance in hell I'm going to look down. I just gonna 'give and go' if you see what I mean. Why was it so shocking though, please don't tell me it was wormy-looking or anything like that because....well I will be lost for words. I also didn't take my supplies last weekend when I had to travel out of town aswell but it was the first time when I saw the real results of P&B shake cleansing. This is very strange, maybe when you give your body a rest it just chucks everything out all at once?

[QUOTE=indy_gal]It suprised me how eating the way I used to would affect me after being on a clean diet for 2 weeks. I got headaches, stomache aches, felt hungry all the time, etc... (And I have new breakouts starting).[/QUOTE]

Remember Indy_gal, that these cleanses are totally washing out your entire system of both GOOD and BAD bacteria. It is totally cleaning you out so anything you put back in should be as pure as possible for the time being. Your body really won't be able to cope with that junk food stuff straight after cleansing. It WILL definitely make you feel really ill. I was 'forced' (lol) to drink some wine last weekend and I could tell my body didn't like it. It just didn't digest easily. I think you definitely chose right not to start ParaGONE immediately after having a weekend on junk food. As MsMeagan says, do the shakes for a few days to get your body back to 'normal' then you should be good to go. I hate junk food so much, I wish it was never invented. Why does it have to be so easily available and so addictive grrr. You know something ironic: the reason why junk food and processed food was invented was to feed the troops in the American military during the Second World War. Now you would think the troops would need as nutritional a diet as possible with all that physical activity but no they are fed junk. From the government's point of view, the reason why they did it was because they knew the majority of them were destined to die regardless of what diet they consumed hence they thought why should they waste money supplying 'real food'....awful, depressing and corrupt don't ya think :(
Yes..carrots in excess cause you to turn orange....just like too much coll. silver can make you turn a greyish color. So yes, moderation is good unless you just feel the urge to take on a different color, which would be pretty interesting :p , but anyhow... Neca, I'm sure jasons line isn't perfect..I know I haven't perfected my supply of body care and house care items as of yet...but one day I shall! Good job for doing your research! I think the reason it did help to calm the irritation on my face was because it does not contain SLS...which shouldn't be in anybodys washing products! As for Aubrey organics, I have never used their stuff, but only because my health food store still doesn't carry it! I do remember awhile back though seeing a post in a thread on the hair forum that I had replied to, that also included a post from Prometheus commenting on some hair products from Aubrey organics that were really good. So I'm sure she knows alot more about this product than I do :) I really think you should go and have some blood tests done Neca...they might help you out alot. Before starting diet, I had blood tests run for thyroid and everything else. My thyroid was normal, my hormones were a bit off, and my liver function was high. Once I started diet changes, it started clearing up with both of those. Even after I was having no problems as far as hormones or anything else...I still had acne, and I still had a slightly high liver function (and I was maintaining a pretty good diet). Once I started refining my diet to Prometheus's....after about 3 months is when I really started to see improvement. As I learned more, and time went on....things just started getting better at an even faster rate. What may have slowed me down a little in the beginning is that I had gotten a flu shot when starting diet, and I won't go on and on about how I don't care for vaccinations...but please, read up on what they contain. Anyhow, that along with a small course of antibiotics may have slowed down my healing rate a bit...but months later, my healing overall has speeded up. I've had many kinds of marks leftover on my entire body that range from slightly red to raised keloids...and they are all fading, and all are almost gone :) . It really makes you feel good when a keloid starts to disappear, especially because so many people never get rid of these.

Well, I'm not sure if that made too much sense, as it is 6 in the morning here, and I couldn't fall asleep until 3 last night :rolleyes: lol. A summary of my points that I was trying to make though would be that 1. go get a blood test 2. Even after my hormones were "balanced", I still had some acne..not as bad, but some. So I do believe that even if your hormones are balanced, you still need a good will balance your hormones, but it will also heal and correct all of the other causes for your acne. 3. I don't care for vaccinations. If you believe that you truly must get them, atleast read information regarding them....and yes, they can affect your acne...atleast I believe so. 4. If you give your body what it needs, it can and will heal your scars as well.

LOL Prometheus...I think everything these days is considered to be "inherited". Our genes are getting blamed for everything :nono: .

Ok, enough talking for me...I better go and take a quick nap before I get started on my very busy schedule today :rolleyes: .
Indy, I agree that I like it much better when it isn't so liquidy! Whenever I have picked up the (what I am assuming is fresher) jars, I just make sure they stay in the refrigerator a day or two before I eat them. Generally I do this just because otherwise they seem to pour off of my food. I think it may just be Maranatha's almond butter, because other almond butters I have had in the past (though they have been the more expensive brands) have never been like that and have always been more of the consistency of chunky peanut butter that you buy in the stores. But, all of Maranatha's nut and seed butters tend to be the same way...or atleast the others that I have tried that they produce. They also don't seem to taste as good as the other almond butters I have bought, but some almond butter is better than no almond butter lol so I still buy them.

As for SLS, it always seemed to irritate my face. I really didn't notice it until after I stopped using the wash, but then I began to see that it was alot less red and dryed out looking. Other than that, it didn't make an actual difference in my acne situation...just the irritation/inflammation on my face.

The main reason alot of people say to avoid SLS if you have acne prone skin is because SLS causes alot of peoples skin to break out in a rash. So, for some people it might not be an acne could simply just be a reaction to the SLS....causing what appears to be acne, but is really a rash, on their face.

As for judging your skin, I would probably wait until the parasite cleanse is over and a week or two have gone by. The parasite cleanse tends to provoke some unwanted things such as breakouts, rashes, headaches it is probably best to wait until it is all over and your body begins healing and everything. You said that you haven't been experiencing the big painful ones anymore, just the smaller non painful ones, right? Well that sounds great! No breakouts are fun to have...but when my acne began to go away it wasn't instantly overnight, it was gradually. When I began recieving less breakouts, and the ones I was having were small and not painful, I was very pleased as I used to get very painful bumps and was beginning to get very painful, stubborn cysts as well. But, since then it has continued to improve everyday. Once the acne went away awhile back, I was still stuck with scars. I had keloids on my chest and back which I never thought would go away because they have been there for so long.....and they are now 99% gone :) . So, I have been very satisfied with the results I have achieved thus far with everything.

Hipmama, let us know how things are going, and good luck :) .

Argh, Friday's are such busy days for me :dizzy:

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