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[QUOTE]I have been reading this thread for three solid hours!!![/QUOTE]

Wow, is that how long this thing has become?! Well, welcome!

I understand how you feel. I think when we are younger, most people could care less about cleaning up their diets and theirselves, for that matter. We think "I'll grow out of it", or I can take this pill or that pill and my acne will be cured. But, when you have adult acne, or acne that clears up while you are on medication but comes back once you stop.... you get tired of putting up with it. Then, only then, are you willing to look at alternative solutions. (At least, that was partially the case with me).

At any rate, you have nothing to lose by trying the diet/cleansing approach. If it doesn't work, you won't be any worse off than before. But if it does work for you, than you'll be happy you tried!

First off, as Prometheus once said before (and this is always wise to mention), if you are on any medication or have any other medical conditions you might want to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet and/or doing the cleanses.

Making changes in your diet is a huge step, but a very important one to make. You'll have to decide to what extent you are comfortable changing your diet. Some people are willing to completely change their diet (like switching to the Paleolithic diet), and some people just want to cut out a few things like sugar or dairy. That is something you'll have to decide based on your food preferences, your lifestyle, etc. (By the way, if you eliminate processed sugar, carbs, caffeine.. more than likely you will have withdrawal symtoms. Don't get scared, it is to be expected.)

FYI - My husband tried to do the bowel cleanse while on the atkins diet, and had to stop after a week because it was not working for him. You have to eat lots of veggies and preferably avoid dairy, which he was not willing to do.

You asked about raw nuts. The reason roasted nuts can be problematic is because they are roasted in oil (usually peanut oil), and salt has iodine which can provoke acne in some people. I personally found roasted and salted mixed nuts to have a horrible effect on my skin. I have been told that cashews and peanuts should be avoided. Raw almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumkin seeds are good choices.

I don't know if that has helped you somewhat with your questions... I hope so! Don't worry, everybody on this board is really helpful!

Oh man, sorry I haven't posted in ages but my damn PC got infected with a virus and it has only just been fixed now. Everytime I turned it on and loaded Windows, my PC would automatically shutdown without even me pressing anything. Luckily none of my files were damaged, PHEW! Moral of the story...update your anti-virus scanners everyday LOL!

Anyway, I've just wadded through all 15 pages of your great posts that I have missed and wow you guys have written alot! I'm glad others have also joined us in the belief that acne can be healed naturally.

I'm currently on my 5-day Paragone break (along with Indy, I think?) since completing the first 15 day period of parasite killing. I've still been doing the P&B shakes twice a day. With regards to internal side-effects (i.e. stomach cramps etc.), I have to say I haven't experienced any which is great because I was concerned about this before starting the cleanses. I haven't seen any UFOs swimming around in my toilet either which is a relief and my loads have been large which hopefully means I am getting alot of MP/toxins out. I'm not sure whether any MP has been passed out as I don't usually check because as long as I am going to the toilet 2-3 times a day, it must be a good sign.

Now with regards to my skin, well...unfortunately no positives! Grrr, which is really annoying :( My skin is still uneven and poorly toned with several blemishes. My nose is still covered in blemishes which for some reason won't go away. I don't know what that means. And even worse, the thing I most feared about these cleanses, my food allergies have become even really bad! Before the cleanses, I was experiencing occasional rashes from foods maybe 8-9 times a week. Now when I get a reaction, it is huge. I would say about 200% or more the size they used to be and they really hurt. Before, when I used to get food reactions, my skin would produce a small rash (about 1inch/3cm long) and I would only notice it if I looked in the mirror. Now I can feel them on my face when they are stimulated and they sting. God I am praying this is only temporary and I have not shaken a hornets nest because there is no way I can live a normal day-to-day life with these. My original food allergies were reasonably controlled and less instrusive.

Meagan/Prometheus did you experience an overall increase in any allergies? Indy have you experienced any allergic reactions whilst on the cleanses? I'm quite concerned with regards to this. Prometheus do you remember some time back on a different post, you were telling me that I should try doing a cleanse and I replied saying that I feared the body would become TOO CLEAN and as a result increase the likelihood of allergies. I'm hoping I am wrong and my body just needs good bacteria to be replenished. Do you think that's the case? Will taking probiotics AFTER all the cleanses be worthwhile?

Now even though I haven't experienced great skin YET, I have not given up! It is still early days and I know I shouldn't say this Indy but I was reassured when I read that you were experiencing some breakouts because of these cleanses. Hopefully this means that both of us are pushing out the toxins and within a few weeks/month, our breakouts should be fewer and fewer. Are you still experiencing any breakouts?

Well in the meantime of tackling acne naturally from the inside, I am about to attack it from the outside. Remember in a previous post, I suggested Aubrey products which are as natural as possible...well I just purchased a ton of their products. From all natural shampoo to cleanser to toner to sunscreen to shaving cream etc. in fact I bought too much lol but I'm sure it will be beneficial in the long run. When they arrive in the post, I will let you all know what I think of them and whether or not they are good at fighting acne. One of the cleansers has blue-green algae extract which is supposedly great for clearing up acne. I hope so :)!

I was wondering about Cetaphil, and the fact that it has SLS as an ingredient. Isn't SLS supposed to be bad for you? Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on it one way or the other.[/QUOTE]

I've just given up on Cetaphil, that stuff is useless. I don't know why I even used it for so long. Indy with regards to SLS, look at my really long post about 15 pages back (my last post) which describes all the chemical ingredients to watch out for and why. I think SLS is a definite NO-NO for acne sufferers! This is why I have switched to all natural.

Prometheus, you say you still haven't done a liver cleanse yet but you are prepping your liver with liver tonics and herbs etc. Could you tell me what are the exact names of these herbs as this is another direction I want to look at. I have just bought a bunch of Chinese herbal teas which are supposedly great for the liver. I also bought a tincture which is great for the liver AND I bought another tincture which has lots of ingredients like Walnut Cloves etc. that should help with acne too. Do you know anything about the effectiveness of these teas/tinctures? Are they any good?


hi i want to start doing this cleanse. Can anyone recommend me a website to buy bentonite clay and Psyllium husks. and want brands are good? right now i am about to buy Natures sunshine HYDRATED bentonite clay is this good? thanks[/QUOTE]

Steveone, I'm glad you are thinking about the cleanses. Well funny you should ask which brands are good because this is probably one of the most key parts to the cleanse. The TYPE of BENTONITE CLAY that is used is very very important if you want the cleanses to work really well. There are several brands available including: Prime Yerba Great Plains, Sonne#9 (I think), Nature's Green Stuff, Terramin etc. Each brand has it's own version of Bentonite clay which is dependent on where it is actually dug from. Also alot of brands just label their product Bentonite and do not indicate exactly what type of Bentonite clay it is.

The Bentonite clay should either be Sodium montmorillonite Clay or Calcium montmorillonite Clay. If you look at the molecular structure of each, you'll see that they are very different. Sodium montmorillonite Clay molecules are shaped like pyramids, and have the ability to adsorb approximately 8-10 times their molecular weight in toxins and impurities.

Calcium montmorillonite's molecular structure is also very different - it is flat and rectangular, giving it a much larger surface area. Calcium montmorillonite Clay can 31 times it's molecular weight in toxins and impurities - more than 3 times the amount removed by Sodium montmorillonite Clay.

Therefore you should look for a brand that is made up of Calcium montmorillonite. This is why I asked Meagan if she knew what is contained in her Bentonite brand version of clay. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like Prime Yerba describe this. Meagan have you tried using a different brand to compare?

I am about to change my brand from generic Sodium montmorillonite to Calcium montmorillonite clay (called Pascalite) to see if I experience any change in my bowel movements/MP.

On a side-note, I've gotta tell you something which I discovered today. Remember how I wrote about using Bentonite clay as a mask and it didn't seem like it was working. Well I decided to mix up some hydrated form of Bentonite Clay and add it to Apple Cider Vinegar. I covered my entire face with this mixture and left it to dry for about 3-4 hours then washed it off. I originally only did this regime for 2-3 days and didn't experience any great results and gave up. For the last week I decided to start it up again and do one every day. WOW 7-8 days later I have NO blackheads on my nose! The Clay literally sucked out all my blackheads! Amazing! There are no products that can get rid of blackheads successfully without encouraging you to squeeze them out lightly. This stuff is incredible, obviously blackheads are much more stubborn versions of acne and are deeply buried beneath the skin which is the reason why it has taken over a week to get them naturally out. I'm really happy with this because I could never properly get my blackheads out with squeezing them and causing the pores to turn red. You guys should give it a try if you have blackheads. Try it aswell even if you have whiteheads because it also brings all of those nasty pimples that are stuck under the skin to the surface. But remember to do it for at least a week. Let me know if it works for you... :)
You guys are funny, I guess you didn't read this in my previous post or interpreted it wrongly which is my fault:

[QUOTE=Neca]Well looking back at my last post, it is quite amusing how negative I was. I guess I was in such a bad mood or upset over the fact that my allergies seemed to be getting worse. So if anyone who read that post considering doing cleansing/dieting, I would say it is probably better to disregard it.[/QUOTE]

When I said "disregard it" I hope everyone understood that I was referring to disregarding my post and not to disregarding cleansing, lol! Sorry I should have structured that sentence better, I will put a little EDIT footnote on that post.

I feel great, am really really happy about how my skin is looking as it is about 90%-100% acne-free and am now currently working on my allergies and temporary flushing. These also seem to be improving but I don't want to comment too much in case it all comes back. I'm gonna give it some time.

[B]Hipmama[/B], that's excellent to hear you are doing well! I am so very happy for it! Wow fourth week already on cleansing and seems like you are sticking to your diet really well. That's so cool too that the clay mask is working great. What is the exact type of clay that you are using? Bentonite Calcium or Sodium Montmorillonite. The great the quality/type of clay used, the more minerals it will have and thus the greater absorption of toxins :D . May I suggest you have a look into Nature's Green Stuff clay.

Nature's Green Stuff is Calcium Bentonite Clay and apparently these are the benefits:

-Detoxification of the digestive system (the absorptive action of clay pulls contaminants from the body)
-Bacterial, organic and non-organic toxicity removal
-Elimination of internal parasites (digestive tracts)
-Immune System Support (clay used internally stimulates the body's elimination system and supports organ function)
-Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream (occurs once the liver has been restored to full function)
-Increases T-cell count
-Fights free radicals
-Trace mineral supplement
-Liver Detoxification
-Relieves Stomach Aches
-Alkalizing agent in the body
-To assist in the removal of toxic substances in the digestive system
-Bacterial food poisoning, organic and non-organic toxicity
-To cleanse the colon and promote proper bacterial balance in the intestines
-Removal of heavy metals and recovery from chemical therapies and radiation
-Reduction of free radical damage (thus anti-aging)
-Improved immune system function
-Improved cellular respiration

I have to say that since switching to this brand of clay, I have experienced so many of these benefits. They are much more apparent than when I used the another brand of clay. I've got loads more facts/info on this clay but need to dig them up.

[QUOTE=euro18]I have found out that certain fruits vegetables are too high on the glycemic index for the body to handle the insulin spikes and are thus better avoided.[/QUOTE]

Hi [B]Euro[/B], thanks for your advice. When I began really research acne several years ago, I used to consider the Glycemic Index (G.I.) of high importance. However, now I hardly think it is of such importance. I think it only really can come into effect if you are consuming a high quantity of a certain food. If you eat an entire watermelon in one day then yes you may experience insulin spiking. On the other hand, if you eat a slice or two of watermelon then the health benefits (vitamins) you will gain is likely to be extremely important. Moreover, your insulin levels won't be effected.

Our bodies have been developed to eat natural, organic produce which should be balanced. Eating anything in high quantities is obviously going to have some sort of negative effect on your body. You just need to assume some common sense and eat everything in the correct portions.

There are several further reasons why the G.I. ain't that great. Firstly, because the figures vary so much depending on which sources you read. The names on the index are pretty generic e.g "orange", "apple". There are so many varieties of oranges and apples, some are sweeter than the others, are grown in different climates and grown with different substances (natural/artificial).

Secondly, we are all different therefore one person have a broad range of tolerances regarding foods while another person can be greatly affected by specific foods. So a number on a chart can be meaningless in this case.

Finally, there are so many other factors that can increase the chance of tipping your insulin spikes like stress, frequency of exercise, environment, drugs, smoking etc.

IMO, to base your entire diet on a chart of numbers that have so many external factors is quite risky. I would say if you follow the diet that Prometheus proposes, assume a balance in this diet, eat organic produce, exercise frequently and undergo occasional fasts then you will not only experience great skin but your overall health will be awesome.

[QUOTE=Ratman]Also I'm not sure if any of these promote bowel movement. One thing that seems to be certain about cleansing is that you need to have good bowel movement to remove the toxins, and normally my bowel movement is.....not all. So do I need to be drinking a lot of apple juice or something during this?[/QUOTE]

[B]Ratman[/B], lol did you read any of the post regarding bowel cleansing on this thread vis-a-vis Bentonite clay and Psyllium husks. You will find all the info already posted.

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