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As for the paragone and the P&B' does get a bit confusing (but nothing too complicated ;) ), when doing them at the same time. Take your paragone 1 hour after the P&B shake. Personally, my method was wake up, P&B shake, wait 1 hr, paragone dose, wait 30 minutes or more, eat breakfast. You just don't want to mix any of them (food, paragone, P&B), because obviously you want each to have effectiveness and such. As for the paragone..well it caused me more detox effects than the P&B shakes. Right when I went back on it I felt a little ill again, but nothing that couldn't be quickly recovered from. As for diets and what we have ate in the past....I don't think too many people have eaten perfectly. I know there were many times I thought I ate great...but that was also when I thought bread should have been the staple of our diet (according to the food pyramid :rolleyes: ). Even when I began eating better, I know that my body had suffered from all of the foods in my past, bad food combinations, times when I had constipation (not something great to talk about...but when you consume alot of bread...this tends to be the end result!), these are some of the reasons I wanted to pursue the cleanses. As for using things on my skin during any of this....I don't. I haven't used BP in months and months...all it ever did was leave me with hyperpigmentation as well (you should see my pictures when I used was terrible!!). I used cetaphil as a cleanser in the past, and never really noticed it irritating my face any..but my face felt alot better once switching to Jason's..which I use now. As for any other topicals, cleansers, or scrubs...nope...don't use any, except occasional jojoba oil here and there, but generally only in the winter.

Neca, I really think you'll benefit from these changes/cleanses. The hardest part for me used to be believing how much some of these worked because it took me so much longer than everyone else to achieve results. Sometimes when results come slower you don't notice them as much...or most lose patience and give up. When I started feeling better, and my skin started clearing up...I knew something had to be working I modified my diet more and figured out that I was/am alot more sensitive than other people in regards to what I eat and how it effects my skin....things began looking much better. There were a few things I realized while modifying was that I cannot eat meat everyday, so I've only been consuming animal protein usually 1-2 times a week and its salmon, sardines, or some kind of fatty fish. I do believe my toleration for meat has increased though because of bowel cleansing and everything. But, there are lots of reports about how eating less animal protein is good for health and lifespan, and meat is mucuous forming, so...eating less is always a good thing..and will be something I continue to do. Another thing that I began doing was following a few more rules of digestion and things like that. Usually what I tend to do (to make things easier), is stick with fruits in the morning, then vegetables, meats, nuts/seeds in the afternoon. The digestion rules are basically just saying to eat fruit alone (45 minutes or so before anything else), eat meat alone (if you can/choose to) or with non starchy vegetables (starchy vegetable ex: potatoes), nuts and seeds can be eaten together, don't drink your water with meals, if your hungry for more the same kind of food (ex: i just ate an apple, I'm still hungry, so instead of eating a banana/orange/strawberries, I eat another apple), nuts/seeds should go after fruits, not before, chew your food very well (to the consistency of apple sauce), and things like that. This is why the fruits in the morning/vegetables etc. in the evening work out well. Fruits shouldn't be mixed with vegetables or other things unless they are high water/low sugar fruits such as avocado or tomato. Well, did any of that make sense? lol There are lots of digestion charts and things like that online if not ;) . I believe my digestion was alot poorer due to years of bad food combinations (ex: meat and potatoes, mac and cheese, cereal and milk/OJ to drink, these just don't mix well :nono: ), and bad dietary choices. I think the bowel cleanse has probably helped alot of that.

In regards to the toothpaste, I use Burt's Bees. I'm sure there are plenty of other great ones out there, this is just one that I happened to find on sale one day and I really enjoy it alot. Mine is the Lavender Mint toothpaste, and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh :D . Some people break out around their mouths due to the toothpaste they are using, so if that applies to anyone..the toothpaste should help. You know, its really odd how toothpaste and other simple things can make a connection to other places on your body. I once read a few reports about people who had problems with fingernail polish affecting the dryness of their skin. Some actually would end up with small rashes/dry areas on their face, all because of the fingernail polish, and the really had no idea it was because of that. Unfortunatly there are no "health/natural" brands of fingernail polish's a very hard product to make naturally because it requires so many bad things lol...or so I've read. I do still wear makeup, and no it's not all natural. I know, shame on me :nono: . I am in various performances of dance and things, so it's not really possible to just give up makeup, because it is a requirement for these things. I wear a more top of the line (department store) foundation/powder/blush, which although I know it's not great for me/my skin, I haven't had any problems I've noticed with it affecting it any since dietary etc. changes. I do on the other hand use burts bees lip shimmer (this is great stuff, I really like the way it looks....especially because most lipsticks contain aluminum, and this one doesnt of course), I also use their eyeliner, mascara, and when I can find it...eye shadow as well. I have yet to fully switch over to a natural shampoo...I seem to go back and forth, only because I haven't really found one I am 100% satisfied with (this is probably my fault that I haven't found one sooner, considering I go more by trial and error because I buy the stuff on sale lol). I'm not sure if jojoba oil is in the UK or not, but I know online and in the U.S. it is fairly cheap, and it lasts FOREVER lol. A few drops go a LONG way. I use this stuff for everything though. I use it to moisturize my lips occasionally, also when my legs, elbows etc. look a bit dry...on goes the jojoba. You can also massage this into your scalp (just a few drops) on a daily basis, or use it as a hot oil treatment for your hair. As for jojoba oil, it's supposed to actually make your skin less contradicts itself lol. But, my oil production is normal because of diet and everything else so I just don't use alot of it on my face. Your right though Neca, BP sure does some evil things to our faces (and there is no telling how it may affect the inside of us once absorbed into the skin...I think I remember one person posting on here telling everyone about how it is used in high school chem labs as an explosive....yikes!). You would be amazed at how so many things effect us. Not too long ago I was reading about swimming pools and the chlorinated water and how they just throw everything off in our bodies. Whew...should I even attempt to go back and recollect how many pools I swam in as a child? Oh dear... :eek: .

Take care :wave: .

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