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Indy, I agree that I like it much better when it isn't so liquidy! Whenever I have picked up the (what I am assuming is fresher) jars, I just make sure they stay in the refrigerator a day or two before I eat them. Generally I do this just because otherwise they seem to pour off of my food. I think it may just be Maranatha's almond butter, because other almond butters I have had in the past (though they have been the more expensive brands) have never been like that and have always been more of the consistency of chunky peanut butter that you buy in the stores. But, all of Maranatha's nut and seed butters tend to be the same way...or atleast the others that I have tried that they produce. They also don't seem to taste as good as the other almond butters I have bought, but some almond butter is better than no almond butter lol so I still buy them.

As for SLS, it always seemed to irritate my face. I really didn't notice it until after I stopped using the wash, but then I began to see that it was alot less red and dryed out looking. Other than that, it didn't make an actual difference in my acne situation...just the irritation/inflammation on my face.

The main reason alot of people say to avoid SLS if you have acne prone skin is because SLS causes alot of peoples skin to break out in a rash. So, for some people it might not be an acne could simply just be a reaction to the SLS....causing what appears to be acne, but is really a rash, on their face.

As for judging your skin, I would probably wait until the parasite cleanse is over and a week or two have gone by. The parasite cleanse tends to provoke some unwanted things such as breakouts, rashes, headaches it is probably best to wait until it is all over and your body begins healing and everything. You said that you haven't been experiencing the big painful ones anymore, just the smaller non painful ones, right? Well that sounds great! No breakouts are fun to have...but when my acne began to go away it wasn't instantly overnight, it was gradually. When I began recieving less breakouts, and the ones I was having were small and not painful, I was very pleased as I used to get very painful bumps and was beginning to get very painful, stubborn cysts as well. But, since then it has continued to improve everyday. Once the acne went away awhile back, I was still stuck with scars. I had keloids on my chest and back which I never thought would go away because they have been there for so long.....and they are now 99% gone :) . So, I have been very satisfied with the results I have achieved thus far with everything.

Hipmama, let us know how things are going, and good luck :) .

Argh, Friday's are such busy days for me :dizzy:

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