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Ahh finally got my computer fixed! AGAIN! It got another bug grrr!

Anyway, glad I can now get back to posting :) [B]Prometheus[/B], yes they have used maggots for years trying to treat those skin disorders but Bentonite clay has been revealed to have many more advantages. Also, Prometheus you are right about not really needing to use oil to cook. I haven't cooked with any oils over past 3 or 4 days and haven't experienced any problems. You asked about which foods caused my allergic reactions...well I can't pinpoint any specific foods because I usually get an allergic reaction after eating any meal. To me, it seems like anything can cause a reaction now. About 5-10 years ago it used to be very specific things that would break me out like dairy products but now I can get an inflammation from virtually any food. It sounds weird and I just can't understand it. Moreover, my tolerance levels seem to vary considerably.

For example, last week for 5 days I didn't experience one allergic reaction and I have to say my skin really did start to look great. This week I have had allergic reactions almost everyday (but these allergic reactions are certainly fewer and MUCH less potent than during my first 15 day phase of paraGONE) and my skin looks TERRIBLE! During this time I have maintained exactly the same diet. Now there is a coincidence here: last week was the time I had my paraGONE break (but still continued with the P&Bs). Almost exactly to the day I resumed paraGONE, my skin started to look awful. I have also had a few minor side-effects which I never had during the first 15-days of paraGONE; minor stomach cramps, almost diahrrea like toilet habits and today just after I woke up I experienced a slight vomit sensation but in the end didn't actually vomit thank God. It's strange though, is the second phase of the parasite cleanse harder? [B]Indy[/B] are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Has your skin changed during resumption of the cleanse? What are your energy levels like?

[B]HipMama[/B], I'm glad you are feeling much better..that's a relief :) I must ask, however, whether you think it is 'safe' to suddenly start a paleolithic diet? Your body has already given some warning signs to you suggesting that a quick adoption could cause problems. If your current diet entails eating alot of junk-food, processed food and high carbohydrates then I really can't stress the fact that you should take as much caution as possible. Jumping onto a new diet as well as pursuing quite a substantial cleanse is going to put your body through alot in a very short space of time.

I would suggest you go slowly and let your body adapt. Take a few weeks to gradually transfer your current diet to the new one that you want to follow. When you feel your body has settled down to this new one then you can introduce a cleanse. I'm really only trying to give you advice about this because I don't want you to go through ANOTHER bad experience like the one you originally had. Go easy on yourself, I know you want to get rid of the acne ASAP, we all do, but patience will bring this.

[B]Indy[/B], OMG those almond brands had Salmonella poisoning...crazy! I guess faeces from an animal already infected with Salmonella, infected the almond trees? Or maybe if the almonds were hand-picked, the picker (who may have been already infected) wasn't wearing gloves and passed on the Salmonella bacteria! Damn! Well this is why we have to be careful when eating raw foods.

WOW, [B]Meagan[/B]! It seems like you have been completely rushed off your feet! You should get some rest! Two hours a night is insane. Your immune system needs to rebuild itself overnight and can't if you aren't getting enough rest. Whoever is making you do all this work should get their heads examined. Nothing is more important in life than our own health therefore do not sacrifice it. Also, eating only grapefruits/beetjuice?...God you don't even have time to prepare your meals. I used to be like that and realised one just cannot function properly. It is impossible, you HAVE to make time for THREE things in life no matter what: eating properly, sleeping properly and exercising properly! No matter what, we have to do them all. Please take it easy and relax a little. If you can't even do one of these (not wanting to do any of them is a different matter) then I would say speak to whoever is demanding all this work of you!

You've changed toothpaste? I been used Burt's for the past week and have to say it's quite good although you need to brush your teeth longer to get them properly clean as there is no lather. What's the brand you have switched to that contains xylitol? I have heard that Xylitol is supposed to be a much 'healthier' option on the teeth? If I am not wrong, didn't Sweetjade post something about xylitol?

I haven't had a chance to start on the Aubrey products yet but will do very soon. I have however been exercising my but off on my brand new rebounder hehe :D ! It's awesome! After doing only about 15 mins of bouncing, you can definitely see the difference your lymph system makes on it when it is activated! Apparently rebounding is the most efficient way to activate your lymph system's pump. It's supposed to be great for so many problems and in many cases can cure them: allergies (woohoo!), asthma, blood pressure, blood circulation, constipation, depression, diabetes, MS, ME, Osteoporosis, Premenstrual tension, SKIN HAIR NAIL problems, sleeping problems, stress, strokes, varicose veins. Wohh that's alot!

I have read some truly amazing facts about rebounding: the benefits come from the fact that it combines three powerful forces - gravity, acceleration and deceleration. Take the example of when a plane accelerates quickly, our bodies are forced back into our seats and can hardly move. It's as if gravity has increased and we are not strong enough to overcome it. Although the body does not seem to recognise the difference between gravity and acceleration, it does AUTOMATICALLY strengthen itself to cope with the worst conditions that it repeatedly encounters. Therefore, when you are putting your body under an apparent one and a half times normal gravity (1.5G) it will strengthen itself to a level to cope adequately with this condition. As a result the body gradually becomes stronger in each cell and thus all the muscles and organs become stronger. So rebouding uses the force of gravity effectively.

Now here is the important bit: at the top of the bounce your body becomes COMPLETELY weightless (terminal velocity) and this stimulates the lymphatic flow. This gravity/non-gravity repetition occurs about 100 times/ minute, so the body quickly strengthens a little. The lymphatic circulation also improves to bring about greater efficiency in the clearing of waste matter in the body and in the effectiveness of the immune system.[Maybe the cure to acne is going to Space? lol]

NASA even did a study of the training effect of trampolining and found that use of a trampoline below the level where you reach a jump of 4G is up to 68% MORE OXYGEN efficient than other forms of exercise. That means that you can exercise quite strenuously for your condition without feeling out of breath, but still gain the SAME benefits as you would from much more strenuous exercise on a hard surface. A rebounder should restrict the level to which you can bounce to below 4G.

Our lymph system, to function effectively, NEEDS exercise and will benefit from rebounding. The reason being that the lymph system has no pump to circulate it rather a system of one-way valves (unlike blood which has the heart), which are stimulated via exercise. The average person carries around in their body about 4-6 pounds of toxins and other waste, which obviously has a detrimental effect on both physical and mental health. The only way to remove these toxins is via the lymph system.

Well hope some of that is interesting, I'm off to do some bouncing... :bouncing: (how appropriate lol).

Later on...
OMG guys, last night I passed the most insane amount of MP ever! It was the first time I have properly passed MP and was quite an experience because I thought I had almost broken my toilet lol. I feel like I am now half my original weight!!! I wonder how much more there is to come...probably better not to think.

[QUOTE=prometheus]My friend lives in Houston (the ex CIA, hypnotist, alien hunter guy).[/QUOTE]

Well, he sounds pretty normal then :p !

Yep, the meat could be the problem but not too sure. I will see how my body reacts when I finish paraGONE.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]Computer bugs are irritating, aren't they Neca? My computer has been acting up lately, and it is so frustrating![/QUOTE]

Totally! Just when you think you have cleaned up your PC, another bug infects's as if they are queuing right outside my internet connection.

Ok cool, I will have a look into Xylitol toothpaste. Could ya let me know which one you think is better (Xylitol verison or Burt's Bees) after a few weeks of using Xylitol?

Meagan, correct me if I am wrong but I thought you said you studied at Uni? Are you a student AND have a job working with computers? Phew that's pretty heavy if I am right. I'm a student and just have no time for a job. Maybe you should consider the manager position in your healthstore which would be a little less stressful, I'm sure they are trying to drop a hint with all these great value deals they are giving you ;)

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay] It really does have alot of wonderful benefits, and I have wondered if things such as juicing, or rebounding alone without full dietary changes could heal some acne sufferers.[/QUOTE]

Oh wow, Meagan I didn't realise you already had a rebounder :)? I thought you were planning on getting one some time back when we spoke about them in a few posts. They really are great aren't they? I'm addicted, I just can't stop bouncing. I think you may be right about whether we can heal our skin through mostly rebounding and juicing rather than heavy dietary changes. I would love to get a juice but while checking out many different brands, I guess I was pretty stunned at the prices. How come these machines are so expensive? I've heard that the lower range ones aren't too good and you should aim for the medium-high range. How much did you pay for your juicer and do you think it would be definitely worth getting one?

[B]Indy[/B], you know I told you about the Bentonite mask? Well, while I was researching it, there have been many psorisis sufferers that have described seeing great improvements in their skin since using the mask. Do a search for Bentonite mask and psorisis on the net and see what you think. If the psorisis breakouts get a bit much then maybe the Bentonite mask could work great for you.

I definitely agree about the Liver cleanse. I'm sure I would see a great improvement in my allergies if I did several. I just have two problems: one is choosing the right mixture/method to use for the cleanse and the other is not knowing how many I need to do. I have read so many people having to do many flushes (at least 10-20) just to see a few improvements. We are all different so who knows how long it will take. But I am hoping that when I stop paraGONE, I will see some real improvements like last week. Also as I passed MP yesterday, maybe now I am finally getting rid of these damn toxins.

Have a fun weekend guys... :wave:

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