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Someone made a suggestion to me the other day that perhaps [I]some[/I] types of hormonal acne is caused by thyroid problems...

We have been noticing a correlation among people, men and women, we know with a hyperthyroid and severe cystic-type acne, whether it's on the face, back, or anywhere else on the body for that matter.

One guy my friend knows who had this, right after he began getting treated for his thyroid problem, he cleared up. He had cysts really bad, all over his body.

My friend is somewhat knowledgable in how this sort of thing, and she was telling me that when the thyroid is not functioning properly, it can throw many functions of your body out of whack, even your hormones, which then causes acne.

It can make women's periods irregular, make people's hair dry, nails brittle, and it eventually will make your eyes bulge if it's not taken care of. Some people begin developing mental problems as well if it goes untreated. It can also be life threatening if left untreated. My mother almost died from it in her 40's and she now suffers severe mental problems for waiting so long to treat it. She had cystic acne on her back onl, dry hair and exhibited signs of schizophrenia. My friend's grandmother died from this because she never had it treated, though I am unsure what her symptoms were.

Furthermore, symptoms of hyperthyroidism can include having a super fast metabolism.

Since my mother had it and I too am a woman, there is approx. an 80 percent chance I will develop it. I heard it begins developing in your early 20's (which fitting enough, so did my acne, but on my face and not my back). I exhibit the symptoms and know it's because of hormones because my breakouts have always been a week before my period. I am taking Spironolactone, which is helping greatly to control the hormones, but I think the root of the problem is my thyroid.

I would suggest that people who think that they could be at risk of this go talk to a doctor immediately and get their blood tested for this. I have had a test for it but am getting another one soon. There are meds that can be given to help treat it which will also help with all the other problems it can cause (i.e. hormonal problems).

If anyone else wants to share their ideas, thoughts or experiences with this subject, please post. I would love any information you could give :) Thanks.

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