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[QUOTE=emma81]well, I think you are on to something. But when you have acne you always try to find the reason, and you read and read, and you come across many things that can be the cause of your acne. I know how it is. But; I don't think that thyreoid can be the cause of severe acne. maybe in some few cases. But I have had thyreoid problems since I was 17 and know many people with it and no one of them have severe acne problems. Maybe it can conribute to it. But the hormones that aggrevate acne is androgen hormones. I had at first hyperthyreoism and I had no acne. I then got hypothyreodism, and I had no acne. I then operated and they removed the whole thyreoid. So I'm on thyroxin and I haven't had any acne before 3 years after that. And I believe that the acne I've got now is because of to much testosteron. (I took some anti-depr, that probably caused hormonal imbalance) I've started using diane, and I think my acne is starting to disappear.
I just wanted you to not get hung up in something that just MIGHT be contributing to acne (giving you mild acne), but probably not. Very few people I know with thyreoid problems have acne. And it is more reasonable to get it if you have hypothyerodism than hyperth. Because everything in your body stops working. I think the skin problems that are the most common in relation to thyreoidproblems, are; dry skin/thicker skin/rashes.
And as for the last post; don't take medications, but go on a diet?? People with thyreoid problems have to take medicines! and thyroxin is actually the same thing you produce in your body. So it's like taking a vitamin that you lack. It's just the same "ingredients". Of course if you have insulin resistence you should be more aware of your diet (and maybe try to avoid medicines). But not if you have thyreoid problems. Food can not in any way correct that.

And the test you wrote about; many with thyreoidproblems haven't got problems that shows and the thyreoid don't need to be "enlarged" for you to have a problem. Such tests can get everyone to believe that they have thyreoidproblems. you should instead take a blood test.
sorry for bad english, I'm from norway.


This is a good thing for me to know. You see, the people I know with hyperthyroidism happen to also have bad acne, so I thought that might be the problem. The thing is that a dysfunctional thyroid can screw with your hormones, thereby causing acne in some individuals. For some people, it might not for various reasons. Perhaps they are not as sensitive to androgens as others are? But what makes someone sensitive to androgens and other people not? Or is it just that we are producing too much testosterone? Some people's blood tests come out normal and they continue to break out in terrible cystic acne nonetheless. All of this is a mystery to me and I wish I knew the solution.

I really wish I could find more information on this subject and I wish more studies were done to get to the root of this problem. I have been taking spironaloctone and saw palmetto for 3 weeks and it has been working wonders so far. But I was just wondering if the thyroid was what indeed was causing my hormones to go out of whack. You see, I never experienced these problems when I was going through puberty (when my hormones were [I]really[/I] going crazy), so you would think that my skin would be pretty tolerant to these androgens. Though I have no idea what is causing this for the past 5 years of my life.

I really appreciate all of you sharing your ideas and experiences in this forum and I am learning quite a bit here since I've joined. Hopefully one day, those of us who have been suffering for years can come up with our individual solutions to this problem.

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