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[QUOTE=Azelis77]I know for a fact that sugar and fruits cause acne. When I came to college I did not know why I was breaking out so much than I did for the past four years. It took me four months to realize that it was my new high sugar diet that I started in college. I was always eating ice cream, cookies, grapes, orange juice, and apples. I did eat vegetables and protein but I now that when I look back I knew I was eating Too much sugar
One day I decided, that I should stop eating poorly so I can improve my acne. I stopped eating dairy but I still had acne. Then I stopped eating chips and I still had acne. Then finally I gave up the ice cream, oreos, Butterfingers and other sugary things. When I did that I no longer got one single pimple. But I gave into my sugar craving one day and had eight sheets of Honey grahm crackers and orange juice. The next day I broke out.
Doubters I am here to tell you sugar cause acne. Maybe not for a few but I am almost positive it does for the majority of all acne sufferes. I have never known one acne suffer who has had a low sugar diet. I am not saying everyone who has a high sugar diet will break out because your genes do play a role.[/QUOTE]

You are absolutely correct. Orange Juice may produce a reaction in some, while Oranges usually will not, unless they are allergic to citrus. I don't drink non-100% fruit juice, sodas, etc. I very rarely even drink 100% fruit juice just because it is too sweet for me (LOL). However, others will argue that it lacks fiber which is what may cause the breakouts. Now if you were to make a smoothie blending the whole fruits more fruit juice/smoothies would definately be beneficial.

I personally don't breakout too bad from pure sugar, but I do get sugar pimples (tiny pimples that go away rather quickly once I stop eating the sugar). What really kicks my butt are the grains, particularly gluten grains (wheat, barely, rye, and oats).

Anyway, I'm thrilled that you were able to help yourself and I'm glad you're here on this board =)

Best of wishes
astf....if you hate water, that's your main problem. it cleanses your juice (especially the junk that you buy from convenience stores) won't do the same thing. that's why if you don't'll die...and if you don't drink anything, you'll die. (along w/ other reasons)
how can you hate something that tastes like nothing?

we actually already had a long (4 pages) thread about sugars like in soda...and sugars like in apples (or virtually any fruit). they're totally different.

you can't put them in the same category. you can eat literally all the fruit you want, and it shouldn't make you any more susceptable to breakouts than if you didn't eat any. (actually, it would help because of the fiber and vitamins...etc).

i just read an article on "new" food pyramids....because the old one that all of us grew up with is not 'correct' with all the new information that is coming out. one of the new pyramids (i think a vegitarian one) that a respectable university offered, had fruit on the bottom tier....and it said 3-Unlimited servings. (though said that you'd get an upset stomach if you ate way too much)

why not eat a orange instead of drinking a class of store-bought orange juice. or eat an apple instead of apple juice. or grapes instead of grape juice. you get the point. fills you up. plus it'll last longer (i can drink a class of juice in 10 seconds....but can't eat an apple in a minute). and they taste just as good. did you come to the conclusion that fruit's bad for you? by eating graham crackers? maybe it's the wheat. or the granualated sugar. or the cinnamon. or a combination of the 3. where do oranges and apples fit in?

i also think that it's written all over this board that sugar causes acne. but it's the sugar that's packaged and put into products (soda, candy, cookies...etc), not the stuff that occurs naturally in food. it causes insulin spikes...which lead to more oil production...which is what acne is.

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