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Re: Exercise?
Mar 30, 2004
I posted a couple of months ago a thread called 'The Gym and Acne', so you might want to look there as well for further info.

Remember that androgens are male hormones that women have too. They have an anabolic action, helping the body build strong bones and muscles. DHEA and testosterone are both androgens and they both respond to exercise. Funny though cos he response can vary depending on gender and the type and duration of the exercise.

Testosterone levels increase in men during most forms of exercise. Weight lifting has been shown to increase a manís testosterone level by as much as forty percent. Squats, bench presses and back rows increase testosterone more than biceps and triceps workouts. In men, it seems the more difficult the exercise, e.g. the heavier the weight, the greater the increase in testosterone. Oddly enough, with extreme exercise, such as endurance training, testosterone can DROP, by as much as fifteen to forty percent. So my advice is to avoid weights and stick to other forms of exercise.

Further, I know from tried and tested experience that weight lifting increases acne, or should I say causes acne. I never get body acne when I don't do weights, but I ALWAYS get it when I do weights. This extra 40% of androgen production just puts too much of a load on my seb glands. My body can cope with its androgen production as normal, but can't deal with an almost a HALF EXTRA production.

Although I must say that with a decent amount of sun on me, this will cure any acne that the gym would otherwise create. But as soon as the sun goes my face and body look far worse and I don't believe the sun is good for you in the long run.

So my advice is stay away from weights, cos let's call a spade a spade. It is nothing other than pumping your body with acne causing androgens. The only ppl who can avoid the acne causing effects of weights are:

(a) clear people whose sebum levels are well under control, and who can cope with an extra 40% of androgens. This is particularly true with ppl who have aa natural under production of testosterone.

(b) people who have acne which is NOT because of too much sebum production. Remember that people with dry skin can get acne too, and that there are other causes of acne besides too much sebum production, such as lack of exfolitation, no clearing of the bacteria etc.


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