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[QUOTE=Jenny277]I was just wondering if anyone tried or is trying this program by Leo Kiesen?[/QUOTE]

I have the book, but, his regimen seems extremely cumbersome if followed to the letter. A great deal of useful information is provided, however.
I got the book about 2 or 3 weeks ago... I kinda gave up... Feel like I wasted $40.00 but I do try to go back and get back into the program... I just don't know what to do. :(
[QUOTE=Jenny277]I got the book about 2 or 3 weeks ago... I kinda gave up... Feel like I wasted $40.00 but I do try to go back and get back into the program... I just don't know what to do. :([/QUOTE]


I'm definitely no expert, however, given what I've learned from this board and [I]Your Last Acne Solution[/I], I would take the following as gospel: unsprouted grains, dairy/soy, sugar and hydrogenated oils are the big culprits which should be avoided. I Hope that helps somewhat?
No i havent read this book ,but i am followng a book called the Acne Cure.
So far so good my face is completely clear right now, ive only been on it for a few days.I will keep everyone updated on how well it goes for me.That time of the month is comng around so we'll see if im still clear then. Take care.
Acnefighter,the book Acne Cure take a a 4 step approach to acne.
Step 1-2% salicylic acid wash,add warm water massage in rinse.
Step 2 -8 to 10% glycolic lotion add warm water massage in ,leave on for aslong as it usually takes you too brush your teeth.Rinse
Step 3 this is the part of never heard of .Take an ice cube rub the affected area get it good and cold but not freezing.Take some cold bp lotion or cream whichever which should be in the fridge.Take the ice cube rub it in the palm of your hand to get it cold,place a small bit of the bp in the palm of your hand and apply it to the affected areas.Then take a cold ice pack or a baggie full of ice cubes and apply it to the acne and hold on there for at least 10 mins.Afterwards just wipe off any remaining bp residue.
Step 4 moisturize with oil free moisturizer.Thats it.He does recommend some supplements but there not really necessary unless you have a really hard case of acne.I will warn you tho when i first tried it it turned my face slightly red for a couple of days.But if its too harsh they recommend you alternate the Glycolic acid and the bp lotion.The alternate way would be wash your face everyday with the salicylic acid wash.Then apply the glycolic lotion one day and alternate with the bp the next and so on. But keep in mnd you have to do the ice cube in the palm thing if you do the alternate way and also the cold pack thing is a must.Hope this helps
Oh yeahh, i used to own this book before but I have gave this to my friend. It doesnt work for me. I have tried it for like more than six weeks. I hope this will work for you. It does make sense as tropical remedy.
:wave: Hi, I am doing this program. I have finished reading the book and have been doing step 1 and 2 for 10 days now. I am about to start Step 3. I was just wondering how everything is going with the program for you and do you have any advice. I also have some questions about it.

I bought the book but I cannot find edible bentonite clay where I live..anyone know of any substitutes???
uh why are you guys buying this crap don't you guys think if this was such a "wondercureallbook" that more derms would see and recommend this regiman?

all this book is doing is try to make a buck

all that liver cleansing crap etc is a buncha crap in my book don't be so gullible people

only thing that has worked (before it costs alot) was a constant small dosage of accutane

only reasons your acne appears really is oil production/ skin clogging/ hormones really

once the oil production stopped from accutane is was clear.
I dont know if its crap or not. Derms dont care about things like this because they will never see a pay off from it. I dont know one doctor that doesnt want a pay off. If this or something like it helped people they would lose over 50 % of business. I think you are naive to believe your doctor cares this much. No offense.
Before I spend another 40 dollars does anyone believe this book is at all worth it. Is this okay to do pregnant? I am not now but I am trying. Or could someone who has the book just tell what the 5 steps involve? The webb site did not say specifics
shea31. Try going to the public library to get the book. They had the Acne Cure at mine. Most cities even have a website to do a search to make sure and save yourself a trip. And it is free!

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