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[QUOTE=O_o]As almost everyone on this board, I too am having problems with pimples. But my pimple is a bit betweeen moderate - harsh. I really dont want to have to talk to a doctor or anyone, and start taking pills and such.

Few questions I would like to ask first:

- Does drinking alot of water really improve your skin??

- How can you tell if you have a whitehead or not?? Is there a pic of it or something I can see?

- Does eating alot of oily food make your pimples worse?

- Does having long hair that touch your skin often worsen your acne??

- If you dont wash your skin for long time, and it becomes greasy/oily, is it smart to wash it immediately??

Most of the zits I have are reddish color, my skin is peachish. Unlike other ppl's pimples that come outwards alot, most of my acne are very flat. I have em around my nose, some in cheek, and in the forehead, and on my sidechin/sidejawbone. I have actually heard that using acne treatments can worsen your acne problems somehow...can someone verifty that is true??

I would really like some help here, thanks :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Drinking alot of water may help your skin because it can wash out the toxins from your body that might cause you more zits. Eating alot of oily food can cause you more acne but its kinda different for everyone. I suggest that you test it yourself and see if you get more zits after you eat oily/greasy food. Long hair may worsen your acne if your hair is unclean. It is best to tie your hair so it won't touch your skin. If your skin is greasy or oily then it would be good to wash your face but becareful not to dry out your skin because when I wash my face when my face feels a little too oily or greasy, I usually end up having dry, flaky skin. Well hope that helps a bit.

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