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Well i had a breakout on my chin before. Was a cyst, really infected, kinda looked green a little. Then little pimples would for close it it, and because i can't leave **** alone, i pop all my whiteheads. Then it formed into like one big pimple. It lasted for like 2 months. Now i have the scar there and cysts still form in that spot, its been 3 months now, but these new ones seem to heal a lot better than the one(s) i got that lasted 2 months. I thought i had herpes or somthing, it wasnt on my lip, it was on my chin about half an inch below my lip. Best advice is to leave it alone, at work i just wore a bandaide, anyone asked why, said i had medicine on. (they see my other acne, so they don't really know how hideous it was..and it was) It would scab over, i did peel the scabs off, then leave it alone, dont touch it. And it might scab over a 1 or 2 more times before it heals. As long as its not like my horrible one, which scabbed over tons of times. But i was doing massive things to it with, alcohol, peroxide, neosporin, bp, i think i made it worse. Just don't mess with it too much, you don't want it there for months like mine was, then it really looks like its herpes. cysts = devil

*edit* btw, when it was pretty big, i could notice 1 or 2 extra white heads growing in the bump and close to it, so i think your having the same thing as me.

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