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Yes, without a doubt you did the right thing! Your symptoms fatigue, hair loss, acne, and your age indicate that your body may have shifted into a hormonal imbalance of some sort. This could be temporary except that you said your menses have become lighter indicating that they may stop. While BC is good, it doesn't work for more complicated cases, such as what you [I]may[/I] have. Furthemore, because you are feeling depressed (regardless of reason), BC may worsen this overtime, so you definately want the right dx.

Now, more and more women are being diagnosed with [B]Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome[/B] (PCOS) also known as [B]Syndrome X[/B] (Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Disorder), Syndrome O, and also Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. This is characterized by a myriad of symptoms, such as hair loss, hirstuism, wieght gain, irregular - no menses, cystic ovaries, and acne. While you don't have to have ALL of these symptoms (I don't), I don't recall fatigue being one of them.

Another possibility is that you have [B]Non-Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia[/B] (NCCAH) or [B]Late-Onset Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia [/B] (LOCAH). They are both the same disorder and they differ from Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) in the fact that they occur [U]later[/U] in adulthood (early 20s or so forth). Now, this can produce a variety of hormonal symptoms, but the big one would be fatigue. This is due to your body's inability to produce cortisol effectively. As a result, your body keeps trying to and ends up only further increasing your other hormones in this attempt (they all increase naturally together). Due to the similarity of symptoms and most of the hormone levels, it can be misdiagnosed as PCOS.

So, this holistic doctor is by far testing you for most of the above problems. The [U]Glucose Tolerance Test [/U] will help determine whether you might have [B]Diabetes Type I[/B], [B]Diabetes Type II[/B], or it's precursor Insulin Resistance. That test will also determine if you have PCOS. The [U]ACTH Stimulation Test[/U] will help show which liver producied enzymes you might be defficient in that's preventing you from producing Cortisol, if that's what your problem is (check and see if he tested you for that). There's a bunch of others tests that could be run such as doing [B]24 hour Urine collection [/B] to see how much protein, sugar, and cortisol you are excreting.

There's also a variety of other posssibilities, such as maybe you are either [B]Hyperthyroid[/B] or [B]Hypothyroid[/B] based on your abnormal thyroid tests (high or low?). I'm not the person to ask about that, but I'm certain one of those leads to fatigue, acne, and hair loss. You could also have [B]Addison's Disease [/B] (Hypoadrenacorticism) which can lead to Chronic Fatigue, but I don't think it is associated with High testosterone. You could also have [B]Hashimotos's Thyroiditis [/B] and adrenal fatigue combined. Yet, because of your symptoms you could have PCOS or NCCAH and an Abnormal Thyroid, the combinations vary so it's important to see a doctor, preferably a specialist, in order to get the right dx. While some women are "lucky" enough to have several disorders, hopefully yours can be attributed to only one ;-) However, I hope I've given you enough to research on so that when you go back and know more of the right kinds of questions to ask. Besides doctors (should) like for you to be well informed. Also, definately, if you can find out your family's health/horomonal history that might also help if these tests don't lead to the determining factor.

Oh and of course, anything that's upsetting and has been a sudden change could definately lead to feeling depressed and fatigued, etc. So her sending you to a psychiatrist was "nice" of her, but I bet that if these are symptoms of your hormonal disorder, they will go away the moment you are dx and get started on treating you. =)

Take care and definately update us on your progress!

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