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Hey there, sorry if I scared ya. I suppose for someone that's never had a problem to suddenly have one it might seem scary, but for some of us, we've been dealing with obvious signs for years, if not decades. So for us, getting a dx was the best thing ever =)

Actually, that's why I think you are doing a really smart thing. I took BC too, but it improved my skin by only 50% and didn't help with my hirsuitism or menstrual cramps. The reason BC is a good choice is because it does contain a synthetic form of estrogen and progesterone. Diane-35 contains a progesterone (cyproterone acetate), that acts more like an DHT inhibitor. Otherwise, what's going to get your skin possibly clear is the estrogen supplied in the pill. The estrogen will act as an anti-androgen and will increase your ability to bind circulating androgens (free testosterone) in your blood. So after 3 months on Tri-levlen, I had a 50% decrease of Free Testosterone and never improved beyond that so I added in the Spiro.

As far as I know, there is no natural birth control pills. You can use certain herbs to prevent you from getting pregnant (internally or as a spermicide), but they won't have the same possibility of giving you clear skin. There's a problem with using natural progesterone and natural estrogens it doesn't remain stable apparently. Yasmin would be the closest synthetic progesterone containg BC that is closest to that from Wild Yam extract. There's also another form of progesterone that's micronized and is supposed to be natural, but it won't prevent you from getting pregnant. Of course there are plenty of phytoestrogenic plants out there that could help your with your skin. Studies have found that they can boost your estrogen levels, act like estrogens, or will help bind excess estrogens. So I'm guessing he might put you on something like that, but your tests results will be the deciding factor as to what type of treatment he decides to go with.

You can absolutely take BC and do that natural route at the same time. There's herbs that don't conflict with the BC and there's also diet that will help to reduce your overall production of steriod hormones. If you reduce your overall production, that's less DHT and other androgens that you need to prevent from being active in your system. For some diet is enough and for others they choose to heal their liver in order to balance their hormones too. The enzymes the liver produces are responsible for converting androgens into estrogen. They are responsible for eliminating excess hormones. They are responsible for the elimination of cholesterol. They are responsible for converting Vitamin A into 13-cis-retinoic acid (accutane). They are also responsible for the production of cortisol. So it's possible that a hormone balancing diet will improve your ability to produce cortisol again, if that's impaired. The liver helps metabolize drugs, maintain sugar levels, detoxift, etc. so its very important to work on healing it. Hopefully, your doctor is going to be giving you some herbs that will help you with this =) I'm currently attempting to do this myself with some tinctures and you might want to check out some of the threads that are titled Cleansing, Detoxing or something to that effect.

HTH & Take care =)

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