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i've had real bad acne for years that accuntane didnt solve, nor did any of the millions of anti-biotics i tried over the years. through my own research i sought out natural products that could possibly help me. the following is what i take:

Vitamin A - 20,000 IU; 3x Daily

Vitamin E - 400 IU; 1x Daily

Vitamin B5(Panthotenic Acid) - 500mg; 1x Daily

Burdock Root - 1,080mg; 3x Daily

Milk Thistle Extract - 175mg; 3x Daily

Oregano Extract - 450mg; 3x Daily

Copper - 2mg; 1x Daily

Zinc - 50mg; 1x Daily

Liquid Chlorophyll - 15ml; 2x Daily

On top of that i do take a multi that does contain iodine and i've pretty much been eating anything i want to (not avoiding foods that potentially cause acne to get worse).
For anyone who feels like they have tried anything and everything to rid their acne like i did, give this a try, it has been the only thing that has worked for me. You will notice significant results within 1-2 weeks (i did anyway). I am no doctor however my goal is to help people end their needless suffering because i know what its like, give it a shot. As far as i can tell there are no evident side effects unlike these harsh prescription medications that doctors seem to hand out and in a lot of cases they dont even work. This is an all natural rememdy i devised through my own research and first hand experience that works for me. 60 or so dollars a month is entirely worth not having to put up with acne for the rest of my life. good luck.

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