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the safer of the 2 drugs is definitely spiro.i think spiro would work better also with the only big side effect being the possibility of being sterile.but i think you should go with accutane first because of the sterile might want to have kids only on spiro because im over also might want to try the smoothbeam targets the sebasious glands and alters their sebum producing abilities.none of the above treatments are without risk.i had accutane when it first came out and my blood test before the fda even approved the worked for about a year and my acne came back just as bad as before.i had it a second time and nothing.i was on about 40 to 60mgs a day i think.....that was a long time ago back in the derm does prescribe spiro for guys but only 25 mgs a day not enough to cause you to be sterile but i doubt enough to clear your skin derm is also a accutane guru.he wanted me to go on low doses for life!i get my spiro from my md.i doubt if you will look like britney spears on just spiro.only 2 drugs have ever cut down my sebum production and they are spiro and accutane.because of your age i would reserve spiro for last resorts only.its ok for girls but it might also stunt your growth if your still growing.for clearing skin spiro works wonders but its an anti-androgen....meaning it is going against male.but males do take it for prostate cancer.even the so-called male anti-androgens might cause you to be sterile.everything failed for me so thats why im on also trying to eat better.

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