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Apr 2, 2004
[B]Here is my regimen so far:[/B]

Exfoliate with Queen Helene Oatmeal and Honey Scrub
[I](I exfoliate almost every weekday but not on the weekends or when im not going to wear makeup) [/I]
Cleanse with Triaz 6%
[I](I only Mousterize after this if im going to wear makeup) [/I]

[B]Day [/B]
I apply Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask to my entire Face leave on 12mins
I wash it off with warm water.
I also put cucombers under my eyes cold from the fridge
I mousterize after this the mask is very drying

[B]Night [/B]
Cleanse with Triaz cleanser 6%

[B]Supplements [/B]
I take a multi Vitamin
Calcium with d
Vitamin e capsule

[B]Here are my questions:[/B]

[B]1.[/B] Does the Triaz in my regimine help prevent future breakouts or is it like the acne mask its more towards clearing the current exsisting acne?

[B]2.[/B] If the Triaz doesnt help prevent future breakouts, I have some Klaron lotion will it help prevent future breakouts?

[B]3.[/B] If I do use the Klarons lotion with the regimen above wont it be to over drying plus how would i fit it in. [I]Klarons lotion hasnt done good things for me in the past btw, irratable bowles[/I]

[B]4.[/B] Im thinking about starting on a b5 regemin, with biotin, and a complex, what is the lowest dosage I can take of the b5 and see results?

Thanks in advance

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