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Hi, my nose and cheek area is extremely dry, I think from working outdoors and not using a moisturizer. My cheeks are red and irritated looking, but not like rosacea red, like dry looking red, hard to explain. My skin keeps making oil around my nose and nostril area too. What I want to know is what should I start using on my face and nose area, what is a good product? Also is it possible that its passed the point of just being dry skin and now has turned into excema or something else? If it was excema, or something else, would using a good moisturizer help, or do you have to kill the bacteria or something first with a specific cream, then move onto moisturizing daily to keep it gone? My nose gets oily and when I touch it or rub my finger across it, I can feel how rough it feels, like I can feel each pore or something. Also, tiny little hard spots rub off and then they are on my finger, like little tiny white crusts. I think its just really really dried out skin, but dont know what to start using. When I get out of the shower and the water is all beaded up on my face, it looks so much better, like alot of the redness went down and my nose isnt crusty or anything. Then as I dry off and get dressed, a few hours later you can see my face getting oily again. Its a vicous cycle. The only time my skin looks decent is right when I get out of the shower. What should I start doing? Please, anyone suggest something. Mike :)

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