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I don't have a derma wand but I do have a high frequency machine. And I must say, I LOVE it!! I got it for $99 on Ebay and could not be happier with the results. My 13 yr. old daughter said to me the other day "Wow Mom, that thing is really working, your face looks really good."
I was so happy to hear that, I've not heard that before.
I should also mention though that for the past 6 weeks (which is about how long I've had the HF machine) I have been doing glycolic acid peels to exfoliate and using moisturizer more than I had in the past (twice daily, morning and night).
Last night I could feel a pimple coming on just under my nose. I zapped it with the HF and this morning it's history.

Here is what I have found online about using HF. (mine isn't renulife this is just some info I found, same idea though)

Due to the primary action of Renulife (violet ray) Health Generators increasing circulation, charging the blood with health-giving oxygen and nutrition not only the symptoms of the disease in the forms of aches and pains are relieved, but the cause is removed.
Increased circulation dissolves and carries away poison and inflammation; increased oxygen and nutrition build up and restore functions to normal.

The bacteria that causes acne is anaerobic meaning it cannot live in an oxygenated environment. (HF is and has been used for many many years to help control other ailments)

My regime:
Monday mornings I cleanse with cetaphil then do the peel. After the peel I use the high frequency (5-7 minutes), then moisturize.

AM-wash with Cetaphil (I use a wet washcloth to get it off)
Moisturize with Cetaphil sensitive skin

PM-Wash with Cetaphil
use the high frequency for about 5-7 minutes

That's my two cents.

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