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[QUOTE=unruhue]I have sensitive skin - oily and dry at the same time. Certain cleansers and moisturizers seem to irritate it and cause blotchiness.

Two weeks ago I went back to using Head and Shoulders on my body. I also bought Aveda's daily care mositurizing lotion, which has extracts of lavender and jojoba, etc... (their website is great - it tells you what's in it, and what it's good for).

I figure if I'm so sensitive, maybe acne products are too harsh for me. I had read a post about someone who removed all harsh products from her skin care routine and saw improvement. I stopped using the Tazorac on my back/chest.

I have noticed immediate improvement on my back. My chest still has a few flare-ups, though I'm using the same regimen there as well. I wonder why...

I've also stopped bathing, and have been taking showers instead to rule out the possibility of soaking in a tub full of bacteria. I threw out my shower pouffy-scrubby thing and am using a clean cotton washcloth each time I shower.

I have not tried to H&S on my face (something about cleansing with shampoo still just bothers me...). I am using DHC. When I run out of the DHC, I will try the H&S, since the DHC is $69 and the H&S is about $3.50. I am also still using Retin-a micro on my face. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to stop that. My face is clear, so there's no need to.

Anyone else try something like this? Remove all acne products?[/QUOTE]
Hi i have similar skin to yourself and decided to ditch B.P a couple of weeks ago and try a new natural regime.
I have been using an exfoliating face wash every couple of days and a natural face wipe daily,I haven,t noticed a massive improvement i have a couple of new spots but i haven,t noticed a major relapse or anything.
I feel better in myself and will continue for a few months to see if i can get the results i want,if not it will be back to b.p or a new regime

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