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Since I posted this original thread, I have noticed a ton of views concerning Spiro usage. Just thought I'd post an update on my progress. As you may remember, I'm a 41-year old female and have had cystic acne since the age of 13. The ONLY thing that has helped me with acne has been orthotricyclen (which I quit taking due to my age)......and now SPIRO. I love SPIRO. I originally started with 25 mgs. but my doc said if results were slow after 2 weeks, to up my dosage to 50 mgs, which I did. I have been on SPIRO for approx. 25 days. I had 7-8 hard cysts under the skin. 90% of them are gone. They have gotten much smaller and have peeled off. Also, my pores seem smaller. The only side effects I now have are the diuretic effect, which is very bearable. I feel very sorry for the males who want to take Spiro, because I know side effects for them have far different adverse implications. In my experience, be armed with information when you visit your doctor. My docs have always been open to the research I have done. Oh, also Minocyclin (oral antibiotic) also helped my acne, but gave my severe yeast infections. If you are a male and are worried about taking Spiro, why not try Minocyclin? It worked for me. God Bless!

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