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Its not as clear cut as that fortunately. Far from all gym goers have acne, even steroid abusers don't all suffer from acne. For a start make sure you are getting enough nutrients through diet, I try to get alot of omega 3 EFAs, zinc and vit C, this involves eating at least 5 portions of fruit a day (more like 10), taking 25mg zinc picolinate every night along with a multivit+probiotic and taking 2 teaspoons of cod liver oil a day (1000mg epa+dha). Recently I also started supplimenting with calcium carbonate (cheapest and supposedly good enough) becasue I don't drink milk (causes excess mucus in lungs and a big cause of acne according to some doctors). I also eat alot of garlic which seems to speed the spots away (when I occasionally get them) and pineapple which seems to reduce inflamation (eaten on its own).

On top of this I eat no refined foods, getting my carbs from only potatoes, sweet potatoes and ALL fruits, particulary apples and pears. These are low GI load foods.

What I am more interested in however is how often you go to the gym? I thought more was more when it came to bodybuilding but as a result of reading "beyond brawn the encyclopedia of building muscle" I came to relise if you are doing intense work outs, twice a week is plenty, squating/deadlifting twice a week is too much. More than this and your muscles do not recover and you do not make any gains. If you are working out 4 times a week and are not improving on the weight you lift by a pound of two a week then you should work out less to achieve more. Overtraining definitely weakens your immune system making colds more frequent so its not a giant leap to assume it may increase the chance of skin imperfections.

By the way I went no carb for 4 months, paleolithic diet to be exact (but without the carbs);

initial Positives were;

Face improved alarmingly
headaches went
excess sweating STOPPED (very welcome and unexpected side effect)

However All were because of coicidental increase in vegetable consumption and total avoidance of gluten and not carbs since reintroduction of fruits and potatoes had no negative impact. In other words I achieve the same benefits simply be avoiding gluten and eating more vegetables.

Negatives of no carb;

Lost 2 stone of weight, much of which was muscle
lacked energy
food bill was huge
Facial and chest hair stopped developing (swiftly started again thankfully with carbs) (it still grew but new hairs did not fill the missing patches)
was depressed somewhat with no good reason to be.
Who knows what other deeper negative imparts there were I could easily name a handful but would not know if I suffered from them without tests. (kidney damage, bone calcium loss, insomnia)

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