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also you have to combine spiro with estrogen to get the real feminizing effects.if you really wanted to change sex and are under 20.....100 mgs to 200 mgs a day of spiro and 5 mgs of premerin will do the trick.when you have the sex change then you can go off the spiro because you will only be producing small amounts of androgens.if i known that i would have to put up with this nightmare for all these years and the social problems with it......i would have changed sex before i even started breaking out because acne has ruined my life.oh yea then youstuck with the scars.even though im 100% straight guy im still thinking my life could have been better as a female.their are a lot of cute lesbians and least i wouldnt have been alone.i dont know if i could get used to wearing panties...thats kinda creepy but then if i was a les i would were guys underwear anyways!

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