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Help me.....
Apr 12, 2004
First of all Hello to everyone on the message boreds this is my first post.
Secondly of all I notice alot people currently viewing the ACNE section which makes me feel I not alone....

Now here is where I need help...

When I was a young lad lets say 11 to 14 I used to have alot confidence overall and with girls I used to know how to chat to girls and everything once I hit 15 I got struck by acne and ever since I feel my life basicly is hell.

I am now 21 and still have acne on my neck, some strange reason on my neck I only get it in 3 places.
Both the sides in a small kinda area and on the back of the neck, sometimes I get like massive big boil like things on the side and I am like frankstien!
My face has acne too around my mouth(chin, near cheeks and around lips) and my fore head.

Few the years of having this acne my confidence has gone and I dont look at peoples faces or girls when talking as I feel their staring at my spot thats about to pop in their face. I wear shirts most time to hide the neck ones and sometimes I cry asking god when will they go..........
I think my punishment of 6 or 7 years has been enough and I want my acne to go. Please help me I beg so I can start to at least chat to girls with confidence and look at people.

I remeber at work I had a very bad spot on my neck and talking to a work colleuge all they did is stare at it.. it was so bad in the end I said "having fun staring at my zit?" I just can't cope sometimes.

I tried everything I can think of... Creams, vitamins, docters etc etc and its still there and still coming.
I even gave Tanning beds a try which cleared my face and kept me overall looking good but I couldent keep affording it as its expensive in UK and secondly its not good overall at the end of the day to keep using tanning beds as I am very light skinned and sensative.

I went to docters he gave me some stuff that pure stan and made my rash itchy and red and worse.

Few months ago I bought a book from amazon named:
The Acne Cure.

I read it from A to Z about 3 times crying in happyniess thinking its going to cure me, I couldent find the stuff I needed in UK so I orderd some to import from USA the shipping cost more than the products! I think the products came to about 30 pounds and the rest was shipping total was nearly 100 POUNDS for 2 weeks supply which I couldent afford every 2 weeks.
Using the stuff made my face feel fresh and it did get rid of it quiet alot and I wouldent mind using it again if I could find a UK seller. Only prob its not a product that keeps it gone just gone when on it so it would be a life time of using it :(.

Now I am on some Timed Release expensive Vitamines from Holland and Barrets, Aloe Vera tablets and Evening Primerose oil

I went in my local Holland and barrets and was joking with the mangaer there and she turned round and said "ur face is bad" which I kinda needed it knocked me in to reality so she told me to take this stuff go back in 3 months and see what I am like.
Its cleared me up quiet a bit but not fully i still have redness and on my neck its pretty bad still but my face is cleared up a bit.

I have quit drinking beer and trying to keep all greasy fast food and crap away.

I also attend the gym plenty and sweat etc which has kinda help keep em away I think.

I just need help and advice I want them to go before i take a blade to my face as I feel that way at times.

Please I beg help me.



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