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LOL, you REALLY wanna know what bugs me? I just got finished making a list cuz it was starting to add up there, so here ya go ;-)

[B]Major Irritants[/B] -
[U]Gluten[/U] - Wheat, Barely, Rye, & Oats - various acne & horrible painful menstrual cramps

[U]Diary[/U] - even 100% organic, side of face pimples or cysts,

[U]Gluten-Free Cereal & Organic Dairy[/U] - Tiny cysts in & around my earlobes, every time!

[U]Bananas[/U] - last time I had this, I got armpit cysts!

[U]Peanuts[/U] - forehead cysts, eyebrow acne, & some body cysts

[U]Cashews & Pistachios[/U] (same family as Mangos) - neck acne, mild cysts

[U]Pecans & Walnuts[/U] (same family) - Some forehead cysts, eyebrow acne, some body acne

[U]Soda[/U] - jawline & chin cysts

[B]Mild Irritants-[/B]
[U][I]Milk[/I] Chocolate [I]Candy[/I][/U] - sometimes stubborn tiny pimples (neck & under jaw area), sugar pimples

[U]Candy[/U]- tiny sugar pimples that lasts 2 days

[u]Trans Fats [/u] - Includes Partially & Hydrogenated Oils, some clogged pores & blackheads which makes more pores on & around my nose larger.

(meaning could have been due to some other unknown ingredient that I thought was "OK")

[u]Cherries[/u] - the Cysts may have been from the Whey Protein I had at the same time

[u]Orange Juice[/u] - 100% pure even, cysts

[U]Legumes[/U] - Slightly intolerant to some types. Peanuts is one of these that I know gives me acne.

Just a comment about the above list, I'm still discovering food that causes me problems. I can't always determine the pattern, but some foods do give me acne in very specific places. When I initially changed my diet and saw the amazing progress, I stopped consuming a lot of misc. foods, naturally. So once your skin gets better or you start learning to buy healthier foods, you start wanting to add more into your diet. Sometimes it feels like I shouldn't experiment with other foods, but not every new food has affected me. Most of these are common among others on this board too.

It takes awhile to figure out what's causing the problem, especially if you think you eating something thats safe. Once you start eliminating foods, even foods that you ate [U]daily [/U] or [U]occassionally[/U] could be a culprit and so you [B]must[/B] pay attention to how your body reacts to it. This is what makes people doubtful because it's not usually an instant breakout or oil. If you are [B]allergic[/B] you will have an [U]instant reaction [/U] within in a 24 hour period. Yet, if you are [B]Intolerant[/B], it will be a [U]delayed reaction[/U]. Sometimes that delayed reaction occurs on average 3 - 5 days after you've consumed that food item. So, if you aren't sure, you stop consuming it and see if your skin improves. If so, you consume it again, just to double check (or triple check). If it's found to be a problem, avoid it.

One of the things I didn't mention was 100% Fruit Juice and that's because I don't have it often enough, extremely rare, for me to even make a decision one way or the other. I usually only drink water. However, some of those foods, I never liked such as Walnuts or Cashews. Or I enjoyed, but rarely consumed such as Pistachios & Pecans. Yet, when I eliminated other ingredients, I thought it would be great to add in other foods, but it turns out that sometimes [I]maybe[/I] there's a reason you don't Like to eat certan foods. Sometimes there's a reason that you LOVE to eat other foods (intolerances can be addictive). Bananas (Banana nut bread) are my favorites and so are Cheeses (cheesecake) & cherries, but....I can't have them.

If that seems depressing or "too hard" the thing that consoles me is that there are cookbooks and substitute foods that you can always play around with to add more flavor and variety. Also, I've had over 20 years with my favorite foods and I know what they taste like and smell like I can think about it fondly, but I can gladly given up most of those easily (some requires some planning) for the next 20 years or longer.

A sign of good health is to look and feel healthy. Darn my Animal Behavior class, thanks to it, I'm learning that animals judge reproductive fitness of a potential mate based on how deep or brightly colored they are. How well they sound. How big or healthy they look. Those that have parasites are sick, undernurshied, are smaller. Those that aren't eating well, their coats don't look as good. So lately what I've been thinking is how sad it is the way we treat ourselves. Most people [B]don't[/B] put their health as their number one goal in life. That's unfortunate because our health can sometimes determine our reproductive fitness.

I hesitate to say this, because it's not "pretty", but we are lucky that we have an external indicator that tells us there is something [I]wrong[/I] with us on the inside. Some "beautiful" or "flawless" people don't have this indicator, but it doesn't mean they aren't unhealthy in some way. For some people it's a matter of dietary changes (when meds fail) and for others it so severe that they need a combination of solutions, including diet and detoxing, etc. Thankfully human beings aren't always so judgemental, but a good example of this is having PCOS. It can cause infertility problems along with acne, and wieght etc, but women with this who change their diets are capable of concieving!!!

So, the thought that because I'm consuming something for pleasures sake, is causing my body to actually cry out in pain with lesions (cysts, pimples, etc), and horrible cramps (during menses), etc is very unsettling. My goal has always been to be healthy for I figured that was the way I would also be clear. It turns out my instincts weren't too far off. I'm not trying to prevent cancer or to live longer, but I do want to improve the [B]quality[/B] of life that I have now. I just want to be healthy and I want clear skin more and I'm more than willing to eliminate the foods that won't allow me to achieve that goal. When I'm well "behaved" my skin is clearer, smoother, glows, and I have the tiniest pores I've ever had! =)

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