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[QUOTE=Crossbow]There is still absolutely no medical evidence that foods can cause acne.[/QUOTE]

I just don't understand how people can ignore the acne-food correlation. I am surprised people like sweetjade still post on this board because I am sure she is getting sick and tired of repeating herself! If you don't believe that certain foodgroups can break you out , you should acknowledge that food has a massive effect on hormones.

1) I think everyone agrees acne is related to your hormones. Well, what do you think has the BIGGEST effect on your hormones???????????? FOOD!! Let me quote Dr Sears to you

" Food may be the most powerful drug you will ever take. Hormones are hundreds of times stronger than drugs. [B]Every time you eat, you start a hormonal cascade."[/B]

Thus, food affects hormones which in turn affects our skin.

I am as frustrated as anyone - I don't want to believe that diet can affect acne. But, I am afraid it does. I used to eat what I thought was "healthy." I never ate any fast foods, chocolate, sweets or dairy even. Yet I still ate lots and lots of wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, citrus fruits, spicy vegetables - yet these are the things that were causing problems. I know now my body does not like citrus fruits or spicy vegetbales - So I stopped eating them. (skin improved - lot less redness)
Moreover, every time I give up pasta , bread etc (wholewheat kind) my skin improves - so I am not waiting for a doctor to tell me in 10 years time that they have just discovered a connection between food and acne - I want to know now!

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