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I know how you feel - how could vinegar be okay for your skin when you can use it to cut grease? :eek: I don't know the exact whys and whatfors behind vinegar. Yes, it will briefly cause some slight redness/heat to your skin immediately after you put it on, but it doesn't last - on me it only lasts for about 10 minutes or so. Don't forget to dilute the vinegar as well. At this point I would dilute it 1:3 or 1:4 as water:vinegar and gradually work up to 1:2. Pure vinegar will literally send you through the roof if you put it on damaged skin. I put on a little aloe gel after I use it as well, since vinegar has mild astringent effects as well (I think that's what causes the redness). The little white bumps on your skin are probably just blocked pores and not necessarily full-blown pimples. These can gradually be gotten rid of by gently exfoliating in the shower with a non-soap cleanser and one of those Japanese body scrub cloths...or for that matter, any facial exfoliating cloth. Burning usually only occurs where there's an open wound, not on whole skin, and it does go away quickly. It's not as bad as alcohol, let's say.

Honestly, aloe by itself does nothing to help pimples on my skin. Its purpose for me is strictly moisturizing on whole, undamaged skin.

When women reach a certain age, our skin can go out of whack. Cumulative effects like pollution, makeup, chemicals in the body (yes, caffeine too), diet, weather, etc...all take a toll. Our hormonal system also changes over time - BC pills advertized as "for acne" I understand are just single-level hormonal pills. Acne can be caused by fluctuating hormonal levels, and single-level pills smooth things out a bit. But it isn't always enough.

A couple of little tricks I learned to help in the overall success of skin clarity:

1. If you put gel or mousse in your hair to style it, keep it away from your hairline since it only really gets clean when you wash your hair.
2. Wash your face with non-soap cleanser only *after* you're done shampooing and conditioning your hair. Conditioner residue especially can block pores.
3. Pat your face dry - don't scrub with a towel.
4. For pimple redness, a little Visine goes a long way. It helps temporarily reduce redness (just like it does for eyes). It might take a couple of applications for a really red area, tho.

I haven't tried primrose oil, but I've heard it's good. Definitely try it and see how it works. Cajaput oil or tea tree oil is good as well but it's a bit harsh on my skin. I've spent a lot of time experimenting with various oils so I know what my skin will tolerate and what it won't.


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