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Hey Karl, it's funny you mentioned Dr. Sire and the saline injections, because I was actually going to make a post about that last week, because I read a few posts about people asking for updates from people who tried it in the past. I wrote this long-winded post, then for whatever reason just decided to delete it and went to bed.

I was very pleased with the overall results. I actually read over a couple of the posts that I left about it at the time. I think I might have been a bit generous with my praise. I did see great progress definitely, but a lot of it was also wishful thinking on my part. It certainly didn't remove 100 percent of the scarring, but I would say it removed very close to that percentage on my smaller scars, of which I had quite a few all over my face, and I had three deeper scars which I was particularly concerned about. The procedure helped a lot even with those scars, but I would say the improvement was maybe 50 percent in the long run, not 100 percent as I speculated it might be then. It helped so much so that over time I just stopped coming to the boards altogether, because I was pleased enough with the results that I didn't need anything else to help me with the scarring. The three larger scars have gotten to the point where they're hardly even noticeable in harsh light, and not noticeable at all unless I'm standing at a certain angle in sunlight or some type of artificial light which is directly above my head. I would imagine this is why the other people also stopped posting. They too were happy enough with their results that they felt they didn't need any other treatments, and eventually they stopped coming to the boards.

I don't know how exactly the saline helps with the scarring, but it might have to do with the puncturing of the skin with the needle over and over again, and as it heals the pitted area becomes a little more filled in each time. I heard "needling" is a very popular procedure and some people were supposed to have great results with that, so I don't know. I would say that if your in the LA area and can drop by Dr. Sire's office it would definitely be worth it. At the time each procedure was 90 dollars I think and I had 6 or 7 visits before I felt completely satisfied with the results. Your supposed to go every 2-3 weeks I believe. Hope this helps!

Thanks for all the info on my problem guys, I was hoping it was just some dry skin and could be solved easily just by putting on moisturizer, but I guess it might be a more serious problem. It's strange though because it's not constantly there, when I wake up it looks fine, isn't even noticeable, and isn't that bad throughout the day. After I shower though it's really bad, and it gets worse after I eat something or when I laugh or smile. I'll probably just try some moisturizer for a couple of days and if that doesn't work I'll go see my derm next week.

Thanks again for all the help!


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