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[QUOTE=Taz_Grl;956353]Vinegar, folks, vinegar. 1/2 apple cider or white vinegar, 1/2 water, splash on affected skin anywhere on the body at night and let air dry. It'll hurt at first since the skin is already irritated (and don't get it in your eyes cuz that hurts too), but that gradually goes away.

Vinegar kills bacteria (most definitely yeast - think douches) and restores your skin's natural acidic balance - bacteria can't live in an acidic environment. Once the balance is consistently restored, your skin will heal itself and retain its moisture naturally. Redness, flaky skin and irritation should go away quickly. The only thing prescription medications, steroids and acne washes do is strip the oil from your skin and make the problem worse. Most moisturizers have mineral oil in them, which actually dries out the skin more and plugs pores.

I too tried everything under the sun, including antibiotics, and nothing worked long-term except vinegar. That and a little bit of aloe gel for additional moisture and my face is virtually perfect again, freckles and all! :) I don't want to get preachy about the uses of vinegar, but I think it's highly understimated due to its, well, fragrance. It's cheap, completely harmless and actually corrects the underlying problem instead of just tackling the results of the problem (bacterial infections).

Hope this helps!


I have had extreme flaking of skin on the sides of the nose, on the cheeks just under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, in the eyelashes, lower forehead, temple area and in the ears. It sometimes turns red and gets sore, the inside of the ears tend to itch a fair amount. It has been going on for decades! The dermatologist advised not washing the areas and use moisturizing creams. I tried Cortisone cream daily for decades and recently olive oil, but neither worked very well.

I saw Robyn's post a few weeks ago and tried using 100% White vinegar. I dabbed it on with a cotton swab including inside the ears and let it dry. It only burned a little the very first time. Miraculously, it does not seem to dry out the skin!! The redness is gone and there is much less itching in my ears. I now apply it just every 2-3 days after a shower. There seemed to be an immediate improvement with only a little flaking as compared to my previous condition. There is very much less itching in my ears. Although I can smell a little vinegar from time to time, my wife says that there is no odor.

Robyn's advice may not have provided a 100% cure, but I do believe my skin condition has improved dramatically. It's the best treatment I have ever tried for this condition and never would have thought it would have worked without Robyn's testimony. Thanks a bunch, Robyn, this is a big help!

Please be VERY cautious not to get vinegar in the eyes or on the ear drum.


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