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I have done research, and I have tested these products. I wouldn't recomend something I had never tried.
I myself found bio chemistry and the study of the body, it's internal workings, fascinating. I excelled at it in school, however never did anything in that feild. My brother is a personal trainer and a nutritionist. We continually have conversations about the body and effects of nutrients on the body. His field is building muscle/losing fat, mine is simply an amature curiosity.
I would highly recomend doing your own research and try and understand just how these supplements/vitamins, minierals... affect your body. Your hair and Skin are related. 9 times out of 10, if you have a hair problem, you will have a skin problem. Or vise versa. So thats why this post is in the acne forum, and not the hair forum. Also many treatments for acne will cause problems for your hair. Here are a few things to think about.

Your hair is made up of two Amino acids. Methionine, and Cysteine. You must obtain Methionine from your diet, and Methionine is later converted into Cysteine in your liver.
Taking about a gram of L-Methionine a day, and a gram of NAC Cysteine will insure you won't have brittle hair. They will also help your skin by the way.

Biotin has a few functions in your body, one of them is stimulating your Hair follicles. Biotin is manufacured in your body by your intestinal bacteria, however in many people it's simply not enough. Supplementing with Biotin may help your hair follicles produce stronger hair. This will also help your skin.

Inositol is related to the B vitamin family. It works with Methionine and Choline. A deficiency of Inositol may cause thining hair or hair loss. Taking Choline & Inositol, with Methionine will help your hair, and your liver. Your liver cleans your blood, and that will ultimatly control acne. Inositol is needed for production of skin cells by the way.

B1, B2, Niacin (b3), all effect your hair production in different ways. The three work well together and I recomend taking a B complex to just about anyone who lives and breathes. Yet again, needed for skin production.

Vitamin C is great for circulation, and circulation of blood to the hair follicles is extreamly important. Also Vitamin C works well with B vitamins and many amino acids. Helps circulate blood to your skin too.

The last thing I will mention is Brewer's Yeast. It contains all the essential amino acids, and all B vitamins, but in smaller ammounts. It also is a great source for the most bio active form of Chromium. A deficiency of chromium has been shown to lead to acne, amoung many other things (diabeties, heart desease, repressed growth, obesity....) About 90% of americans don't get enough chromium in their diet. By simply taking Brewer's yeast you will help your body in many different ways. One of them being the treatment of acne. Another will probably be stronger hair. A third way could be reduced cholesterol. I could go on. All of those statements are not claims made by me, but simply nutritional fact. This is how your body works.

Many people don't like taking a lot of pills. Yeah? Well I don't like acne, and I don't like loosing my hair. I also don't like getting up in the morning, Paying Bills, or going to work on nice days. Deal with it.

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