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Differin .1%...
Apr 15, 2004
Hey, I just finished a 6 month course of accutane 3 weeks ago, and my derm perscribed differin which is a cream to unclog pores. I have only used it for 4
days and my skin is burning and peeling so bad it burns to put on cetaphil lotion on my face, my acne has also started to come back since starting diffein any suggestions?
Re: Differin .1%...
Apr 16, 2004
I have been using Differin gel for 2 weeks now but only once every other night because it is too drying. I think my skin's already starting to get less dry from it. I'm not peeling [I]quite[/I] as much. The first week I got a giant abscess underneath my skin like an inch in diameter and I broke out in small patches all over my face. This almost made me stop using it but after taking some Keflex to rid myself of the infectin causing the boils, as I continue to be patient with it, I think I [I]might [/I] be actually making some progress. To me, that is a big deal since my acne has gotten progressively worse for over a year! :confused:
For how long did you break out worse when you first started using it? Was is just one or two breakouts or did they come back again and again. I'm really hoping I am seeing the end of the initial breakout. This is the first time in a long long time that I have had any hope that my acne is going to get better and I now that I got my hopes up it would [B]really[/B] suck if it started getting worse or if this didn't work. This is the last step that is available for me until I have to try accutane and i thought I'd never take it.
Has anyone ever tried the Differin pledgets? I guess they're new. They are convenient and individually packaged but the cotton seems fairly dry to me. It's like barely moist. I don't know if I got a bad batch or if that is just how they are...? Any other pledgets I have tried have been completely saturated in a solution.

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