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Oh, I can definetly relate. There [I]is[/I] a huge difference in how people treat me according to how my face looks. In High School when I was in like 10th and 11th grade, my acne was at it's worst. I could hear peope around me wispering about it. :eek: And of course, most people didn't wanna hang out me [B]BECAUSE OF MY SKIN[/B]. When it started to clear up like majorly I was a senior and people treated me soooo much better. They would look at me straight it in face and talk to me. Now, my face is broken out pretty bad because of an initial breakout and I see the same pattern. It really pisses me off that looks are [I]that[/I] important to people. :mad:

Also, I've noticed that my confidence affects the way people look at me too. If I am not confident about my appearance that day, people will treat me differently. I must seem rude or something. But how can I walk around with my head held high with all these red marks and bright red pimples on my face? :confused:
I've had the same feelings from time to time, but almost all of my friends treat me exactly the same when I'm having a breakout as when my face is almost clear. It's obviously true that some superficial gits will judge you purely based on your facial clarity (hang on..), but it's also true that there are a lot of idiots in the world. As has been mentioned, it shows you who your real friends are.

However, it's not all about a few (or a lot of) red marks and whiteheads on your skin. I know from experience that my confidence suffers greatly when my spots break out or something, and your confidence plays a huge part in how people treat you. I was on a short holiday with about 20 friends a month or two ago, and I had just started a minocycline / differin gel treatment. So, naturally I had an initial breakout (combined with the remainders of the spots which pushed me to get the prescription). It was just nasty, the entire left part of my face, beside and underneath my dodgy sideburn attempt, was covered in huge spots, mostly whiteheads. Thanks to the Minocycline I've still got a few marks from this, and I really hope they're going to heal when I finish using it. Anyway... I spent most of the week wearing hoodies with the hood up because my confidence suffered so much. Even though they were all people I knew for months or years I couldn't bear to show them how bad it was.

I think I forgot what my point was a while ago, so here's a picture of a jester :jester:

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