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[email protected] jope! That is not going to help this poor teenager!

OK I know what you're going through too - especially with regards to making drastic dietary changes and then not being able to stick to the them and then pigging out. I really think at 16 years old , it is too young to be messing around with your diet too much. Just eat a well-balacned diet. Stay clear from refined sugars such as chocoloate or sodas. Then you could eliminate all white flour and stick to wholemeal breads pastas (but i would still limit my intake of these as these would could elevate your blood sugar too much and cause acne). You could take chromium to balance your blood sugar levels too. But other than that, don't go crazy and cut out everything, cos u won't be able to stick to it. IF you really want to persist with your diet, Id say to eat wheat-free crackers and non-dairy cheese. bUt that diet isn't healthy. you also mentioned that you can only control it by "vomitting afterwards" - come on - this sounds like an eating disorder is in its embryonic stages here - that's dangerous.

I know it's REALLY difficult, but try and get some perspective on this disease - Im 23 and still suffering from it - I know it doesnt sound a lot but at least u r 16 so it is "normal" for you to get acne. Im 23 and NO ONE i know has acne, and Im sure u must know some other 16 year olds, who have it , at least it's natural at that age. If acne is caused cos your hormones are all over the place then it will be gone by the time you are 18, so please don't feel this down at your young age.
You could also try the herb Saw Palmetto - this should help balance your hormones. OK other than that - good luck my friend. By the way, have u tried oral antibiotics?

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