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O.K! Now this may sound too simple, but it works! A little history of me! I started breaking out about two years ago. It was horrible. Not just a few here and there, but like a rash all over. They are tiny, tiny little whiteheads but bunched together they give my face an awful look and then if I can't help but pick they really look terrible. Oh, I am a 27 year old female! Not an age you think of a breakout to occur! Hormones!! Anyway, I have taken Minocin for two years and used Tretinoin cream. Like all antibiotics, they wear off and so in the last three months I have been breaking out. Not wanting to be on antibiotics anymore I am going it on my own. I am taking Evening Primrose oil (which is supposed to balance out hormones, which is what all acne stems is not the culprit, look up the origin of acne). O.K. here is the clencher. I swear this is making the biggest difference. Two years of searching and here it is. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!! I'm not joking. I use it as a toner, morning and night. It is an antiseptic which = antibacterial and also dries up acne within days! Look up Hydrogen peroxide and acne on the net and you will see other sites verifying this! It has been a God sent for me. During that certain time of month I still get a few pimples that pop up. I put on the peroxide, leave them alone and they are totally gone within two days! I'm not joking! Always moisturize after the peroxide dries. As it could be drying. I haven't had any problems with drying though using moisturizer after. It can sting at first and give you an itching sensation (similar to when you use it on cuts) but that has subsided for me and I've only been using it about three weeks. So my skin must be used to it! It's only $0.60 for a bottle and that will last you forever because all you need is to use a cottonball and then spread over face! I promise you this works! I would love to share this with everyone I see with acne! I've looked up things about the peroxide to make sure it's not going to bleach my face (as it is used in hair dye products) but nothing hints to that at all! If you feel more comfortable, you can always dilute it a bit with water. I'm sure it would still work! I hope you try it and find sucess as I have! Please keep me posted!

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