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I know that Doctors say that Food has nothing to do with Acne but I know this isn't true and so do you most of you

I'm 17 yrs old, live in the UK and I have Moderate acne, a LOT on my left cheek, lot of redness, cystic acne, and all over the left and right side of my chin, not cysts, a few but mostly terrible red marks from over scrubbing when I was stupid and frustrated

I was put on Retin-A Gel 0.01% 2 months ago and it hasn't really helped, it hasn't made it worst but it hasn't really made it better#

I've found out that Pasta (my favourite food :() gives me puss filled spots, Dairy also gives me big red spots, under the surface kind, so I stay away from places like McDonalds and most fast food, as much as it pains me

I'm also fairly attractive and acne has really shown me who my friends are, please share your diet tips

As if your explaining to a stupid person, just explain in the simplest of ways for me and probably many others what foods to consume and foods to stay away from, because I'm having trouble finding what to eat due to so many foods breaking me out

I eat fruit (mostly apples because I don't know what other fruits are good for acne)

Please Please i'm begging you share with me your tips, i'm not using Retin A no more, should I wash my face in the morning? because it always looks better in the morning and when i wash it, it slowly creeps back to the surface

PLEASE, my social life is a shambles and I just want help :wave:

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