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[QUOTE=euro18]I know what you mean!! There are sooooooooooo many diets you can do to try and clear up acne - it's overwhelming. Promtheus' diet will clear u up : fruits , veggis , nuts and seeds, but you will need the will power of a saint to keep up with it. I would recommend you doing a search for "Sweetjade1" posts - she basically knows everything and suggests some diets.

Personally, I am trying a no grain diet. I have cut out pasta, bread, - basically everything which elevates your blood sugar too much. For example, most cereals , and even wholemeal breads and pastas cause a big surge of insulin as soon as u eat them. This messes up your hormones and has been proven to cause acne. Thus, I am on a low-carb diet. However, not like Atkins. I am still eating most fruit and veg because the fibre contained in fruits and veg mean that the blood sugar spikes will not be so severe.
I still have porridge in the morning with soy milk because oats are slow-releasers of energy (tho not the instant kind).

I also know 100% that citrus fruits and spicy foods cause redness in me - cos my body can't tolerate them - so you may want to steer clear of them.[/QUOTE] is it working out? i'm basically doing the same thing as you except for the oats. i've been doing it over a week and have noticed a nice reduction in oil and thus, a significant reduction in acne.

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