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[QUOTE=Brandon Green]What type of Retin-A Mirco did you guys use? I've been using the 0.04% treatment for a while and my skin has soon some improvements.[/QUOTE]

I've been on Retin-A Micro .04% now for 7 weeks. I too had a terrible initial breakout. I hate to say it, but you may not be through the worst part (or who knows, maybe you are). After the worst of the breakouts, my skin was so irritated, stinging, peeling, and very red. It hurt really bad, I was depressed, which was fine because it hurt too bad to smile anyway. After 4 weeks, my skin slowly started to heal, and I haven't gotten nearly as many pimples as before. Where I used to get 2 a day, I've gotten only 3 the past week! During weeks 3/4/5 I was so ready to quit, but I told myself "I've made it this far. Just keep it up!" If you can't try using this for at least 8 weeks, in my opinion, you shouldn't do it at all because it would be a waste of time. If you ever quit using it and decide to try it again, you will go through the same initial reaction as before. SO IN OTHER WORDS, DON'T QUIT UNTIL YOU'VE TRIED IT FOR AT LEAST 8 WEEKS!!!

As far as the person commenting that acne was supposed to improve after 2 weeks - highly unlikely. It should take AT LEAST 4 weeks, or as much as 8 to really see an improvement.

I do have lots of red marks from the initial breakout period, but Retin-A will fade them over time. I'm so happy that I gave Retin-A a chance, and hopefully I will be completely clear soon!!!
How often are you guys using Retin-A-Micro? Every night? Every other night? Morning and night?

I didn't get a prescription for it, it's actually my mom's (She uses it for the peeling factor not acne). I use it every other night when my forehead starts to break out, and I find it pretty effective. Except sometimes my skin will feel fine, then suddenly it'll be really dry and red. I can't stand the dryness so I haven't been using it consistantly. Has anybody had really good results with Retin-A-Micro?

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