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First, thanks for your kind wishes for my daughter:
"I pray that your daughter gets through this time. If she believes in herself, I have hope for her."

Next, I wish the best for you. I'm glad you feel you got more responses and heard from people who related to your problem. Our society tends to downplay the seriousness of acne when someone complains about it... but it values good looks and clear skin in soooooo many ways. And I don't think many people realize what the deal with cystic acne is. My daughter had to sleep on her back for a while, too.

I'm glad you've been able to have romantic relationships... I hope there is love out there for my daughter... she has so much of it to give. She also spoke about how important friends were (and this is before her problems surfaced), and got friendship rings with her closest friends that said, "Friends forever". When she went through the bad times with her friends dropping her due to her tics from Tourette Syndrome, I thought about the things she had said about friends very often. There were times... ah, this is an acne board, so maybe I'll just leave the troubles with Tourette at that.

My kids have their strengths and weaknesses, but I know they would stand by their friends. My son has a friend who is going through some kind of problem with panic attacks which seem to have caused him to miss a lot of school this year... actually my daughter went through this about a year or so before the Tourette tics surfaced. I know my son will stand by his buddy whatever happens. I'm damn proud of my kids.

Oh, and about your mom blaming herself... well, genetically we really don't have much choice, but my wife and I both had moderate acne... I have some saucer scars... not too noticeable except up close in bright light. I also wonder if we did enough... we took her to dermatologists... but as a parent sometimes you think you can never do enough. And concerning the Tourette, they believe there is a genetic component, and we guess it comes from my father's side of the family because I don't know anybody on that side of my family since my father had a stroke when I was 1 1/2 and died when I was 7, and a lot of his relatives rejected my mom because she wasn't Catholic. So, since we know the other three - fourths of the family tree fairly well, we're guessing this came from my father's side of the family. I feel bad about that... but I didn't know... if I did, would I have decided not to have kids? I don't know. Several years ago, my daughter said she wouldn't have any kids because she wouldn't want them to have to go through what she went through with the tics. However, since then I believe she's changed her mind... Of course, you usually have to have a date first before you get married and have children... maybe someday.

Hang in there Jen... I won't try to downplay what you're going through, but I do hope there are better days ahead for you, my daughter, and everybody else here who's suffering.

The very best wishes to everyone,

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