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Man i sure feel your pain. I had a cyst on my chin that connected to other ones right next to it making it real huge. It was there for 2 1/2 MONTHS. I don't have insurance so ive never been to a derm. And yeah the "other people have it worse" doesn't help the situation. I go so depressed about it, because it wouldn't go away and would just keep filling up. Its trying to come back again but im not going to pop it, i thought id never see my chin smooth again without this long *** scab coving it.

Ive learned to cope with my acne and realized being depressed about it doesn't make things better, and ive heard it makes things worse. So the only thing i can say it, keep your head up, know that one of these days this stuff will be gone, and that huge one you have will to. I know that this post really aint gonna effect your being depressed about it, but just try to not get so down about it, because its not gonna do anything for you. Im 21yrs old and male, and there were plenty of times i would cry because of my face, it starts looking great, then i wake up and theres 3 new cysts, wake up next day more, and i can see these clogged pores on my chin that i know one of these days are gonna flare up with more cysts and more gd scars.

I have heard on these boards, if you act like you don't have acne and you act more confident then people really don't see it so much. I now believe this because im actually getting more flurtations from girls and im feeling real good about myself. I constantly look at myself in the mirror and see this stuff, all i try to do is make sure i don't have dry flakes on my face, or whiteheads (which i know is bad to pop, but i have to...) and that actually makes me feel like my face is looking good..odd enough. :P

Good Luck, and with the reincarnation comment, lol yeah hopefully im making up forwhatever i did in my last life with this one. ;)

Im gonna be pimp (not an actual pimp, but you know what i mean) in my next life. :angel:

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