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Hydrogen Peroxide!!
Apr 19, 2004
This is the technique no dermatoligist or acne lotion creator would want you to know about! It's $0.60 a bottle and has completely cleared me up! I use it as a toner morning and night. It can sting a bit and give you an itchy type feeling till it dries (about two minutes) but that has subsided for me now. I've been using it three weeks. I think it's just at the beginning when your face is getting used to it. Always moisturize after it dries! I've had no drying what so ever. I use Origins moisturizer. I just went off my antibiotics after they quit working. I was on them for two years. Also was using Tretinoin cream. I liked it but it seemed to make me oiler. I figured this out after I quit using it. I will use it occasionally because it's been proven as an anti-aging cream as well! :-) If you want I'm sure you could dillute the peroxide with a bit of water. Please research acne+Hydrogen Peroxide on the net and you will find sites that verify what I am saying. If you do get a pimple or two. Using the peroxide will dry them up and they will be completely gone in two to three days! I'm not joking! I wish I could shout this from the rooftops! I am also taking Evening Primrose oil because it is supposed to balance out the hormones! Which is what acne is from. Hormones trigger sebum which then mixes with bacteria (hence peroxide which is an antiseptic) and then flakes of skin help clog pores.....then you get the pimples! So please try this! I would love to hear your success stories as well! Good luck!
Hi guys! I really appreciate your concern. I have done research on this topic, as well as consulting with my dr. and I have no worries. There is actually a website on hydrogen peroxide and it's benefits. It actually restores your skins acidity levels as well as being an antiseptic. My mom has been using it for years and years and has no problems. The stinging feeling I'm sure is the skin going....woah, new thing on me! I hardly have any stinging any longer as my face is now used to the new product. By the way, has anyone tried Neutrogena's toner! OUCHHHH!!! That stuff hurt me so badly and caused my whole face to be beet red. So I really don't think the hydrogen peroxide is any more damaging than some of the acne medications out there right now. As for the free radical damage........that is brought on by things in the air such as exhaust etc. I use Origins products for my moisturizer plus one of their products called "A Perfect World" which is for free racical protection. Thank you again for your input and concern. For those of you trying peroxide and having a great result, don't be scared by some of this talk. Do your own research!! Nothing is going to happen! Also, as far as aging goes. 90% of that is genetic as well. And if you are moisturizing after you use the peroxide then you are fine. To be honest, my face has acclamated so well that a few days ago I forgot to moisturize. I wasn't dry at all. If you notice peeling etc. then use it every other day. I haven't had a BIT of dryness. When I use my Tretinoin cream I peel like crazy! So please don't let a few comments worry you guys!! Best of luck! Sorry it took so long for me to respond! I'll check back again soon!
I decided to try this...surprisingly, after all my years with acne I have never tried hydrogen peroxide. I have been on LOTS of prescription topicals and antibiotics in addition to Proactiv and everything else under the sun. My skin has really cleared over the last year or so, but in my mid twenties I had alot of painful cysts. I have this one on my cheek that occasionally flares up even now. It is right in the middle of my cheek on the left side. Well it flared up about 4-6 weeks ago...I have applied peroxide to it after washing for the last 3 days. The cyst is pretty much gone now. So today I applied it to another cyst on the other side, closer to my ear. I have already noticed it seems to be shrinking. Those are about the only two acne on my face at this time but it seems to have worked great! I wanted to thank the person that posted this topic! :)

UPDATE: I've been sitting here at work all day. I just looked in the mirror for the first time since this morning. The cyst now has what appears to be a small head and sort of a crust around it (sorry, I know thats gross) The way a cyst looks when it is drying up. I dont doubt that the cyst is STILL there. It was not "extracted". But it is pretty much gone for now. I dont know about the free radical damage that was talked about earlier in the post..but if this keeps my cysts away..I dont mind applying the peroxide every now and then when they come up. I don't know about using it on the whole face...I have not tried that as I only have a couple cysts right now.
most premature aging is due to sun damage.people with oily skin tend do get less wrinkles than normal skinned people.well its the lower layers of the skin where the sebasious glands are sensative to androgens.i was using benzoyl peroxide on my skin for a couple of years and my skin was really taking a beating and looking old.i never used hydrogen preoxide on my skin.topicals do for the most part seem to dry the skin but your sebasious glands keep producing more.other than balancing your hormones by diet or using accutane to shrink the oil glands or lasers to alter the oil glands or anti-androgens this includes bc pills i dont know any other thing that can reduce oil production.i guess almost everything you do to combat acne has its risks!
HI everyone! I am the original "post-er" girl of this thread! I am so happy to hear that others are using hydrogen peroxide and seeing the amazing benefits that I am. I've been using it now for about two months! I am acne free for the most part. I still get a few pimples right before that time of the month, but that is it! And I was breaking out like crazy before the peroxide. O.k. to address some questions:

I totally agree that there are some pretty crazy acne treatments out there that are tremendously damaging to the skin. I used Neutrogena benzoyl peroxide treatment and I looked like an old lady on my jaw line and neck!

My mom has been using peroxide on her nose for years! The only bleaching that occurs with peroxide is that your blackheads aren't as noticable! That's a good thing! You do need to be careful of your eyebrows as mine have lightened. I was being a dope though and in my excitement of this product just swiping it all over my face. Now I just avoid the eyebrows! :-) As for discoloration of the skin........none that I have noticed in my mom or myself, and again, my mom has used it for years. Think of this. If you dye your hair and get some of the dye on your skin, it comes off, and that is DYE!!!

As for free radical damage. Nope! All I can say is do your research on what free radicals are, what causes them etc. etc. [ [COLOR=Sienna][I]removed[/I][/COLOR] ] I use it twice a day ALL OVER MY FACE (minus those eyebrows) and have been doing so for a couple of months now. I experienced drying for a couple of days last week because I used my tretinoin cream with it. So I wouldn't reccommend any creams. Unless you have already tried yours and you were fine. With the peroxide itself.....absolutely no drying. As for comments about the stinging, it is new to your face and if you have pimples on your face that stinging is the peroxide cleaning the abrasions. Just like it stings when pouring it over a cut. It's killing germs!

So congrats to those of you who are using it and having success! I can't tell you how excited I was to share this info with people. I stumbled across it and it has made a HUGE difference in my life! I'll check back again soon! Hope to see more great stories!

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