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Hey Laur,
Thanks for asking. I have now been using Yasmin and Tazorac for almost a month. Third week was horrible, the breakout was really bad. I saw it coming though because the second week my skin got really oily. I usually experience one breakout a month, that's when I'm ovulating. This month was no different. I didn't expect Yasmin to work right away anyways.
As for the side effects, only a crazy appetite. it is getting better but still I crave weird things and my stomach is constantly loud.
As for Tazorac, I saw a definite improvement in the size of my pores and shallow scars. I was pleasantly surprised. My skin looks more even, and young. I am happy with Tazorac, it also reduced the shine. According to my derm I still need to use it for one more month to see further improvements. I am not sure if it is enough to reduce my hormonal breakouts but overall it improved my skin's condition.
How is your experience going? Still having the side effects from Yasmin? How is the Tazorac? I hope it works for you too. Let me know, take care!!! :)

Hey Guys,
I'm due to start Yasmin next week... did you only breakout the third week? Were there other breakouts? I'm really nervous about starting cuz my skin has been pretty clear recently and I don't want to jinx it!
Any advice would be very appreciated... thanks!

calisia, I am doing okay with both the yasmin and tazorac for right now. Breakouts have been mostly the small ones that have been under the skin for weeks and are finally coming to the surface. I am honestly glad to see them go !! I'd say the tazorac has been good so far, and I too can see a difference in my skin. I am hoping the yasmin will finally be enough to control this, but I don't mind the tazorac. I'm still using just for a 2 - 4 minutes at a time and the jojoba oil seems to keep up with the dryness. I hope We're on the right track with all of this!! Keep posting when you have time and good luck !!

laurenem, Most everyone says that they have an initial breakout on this pill. I also broke out at the 3rd week, but I continued that cycle off and on for awhile after that. It was VERY hard to be patient. Just when I thought I was clearing it would happen all over again. But I am also post-menopausal from having a hysterectomy about 5 years ago, and these are the only "hormones" my body has seen since then !! It has taken a long time for my body to try to adjust, and I still have the breast tenderness pretty much. I have increased by 3 cup sizes now as odd as it sounds, and the tenderness goes from mild to moderate and back again. I suppose not the worst side effect, and definately worth it for clear skin again !! :) I am still crossing my fingers, and hoping the yasmin will work for me. At the moment I'm doing ok and progressing. Just remember to be patient. I didn't want to either, but some great people on this board encouraged me. Post with your progress and good luck !

L :)

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