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Hi! O.K. this stuff is AMAZING!! There is actually a web site devoted to all of the things peroxide is good of which is acne. Their exact quote is "clears up acne super fast"!!! Hydrogen Peroxide is at any, Wal-mart etc. It is $0.60 a bottle!! No dermatologist would want this to be the cure! They wouldn't make any money!! Anyhoo......I use it as my toner morning and night. I apply it with a cottonball. You may want to only apply on affected areas at first but after a bit you will probably do it all over your face when you see the results. It does have a sort of stinging/itching feeling until it dries (like two minutes) and then I apply moisturizer. The stinging feeling went away for me after about two weeks! I think it's just your face getting used to it. It sounds like it would be harmful but it is not. I have found now that I've shared my results with people that they also use it. It has not caused drying of my face or peeling at all. I'm sure it would if you didn't apply moisturizer. I used to use a neutrogena cream and it caused terrible dryness even when I used a moisturizer. Peroxide is an antiseptic and is used a lot for cuts to kill the bacteria. It is a great thing! It's cheap! And it has worked wonders for me. I have been fighting adult acne for two years and been on Minocycline the whole time. I am tired of antibiotics and when they just came out with research on the affects of antibiotics and breast cancer I thought that I had to find something different. I also take Evening Primrose Oil and I think it works. It's hard to actually know for sure because the peroxide I think is doing the majority of good. But Primrose oil is great for balancing hormones and pms so it's not a loss to take it! As for how long it takes..........two -three days! I'm not joking! Yes, it dries them up and they do just turn hard and when you wash your face they just are washed away! I hope you have great results! Please post and keep me updated! I would love to shout this from the rooftops! I found this website for that share my results!!!

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