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Here's what I suggest. Since you are not going to get bloodwork done, I would start with a low dose of 20mg/day. See how this goes. 20mg never affected my triglyceride levels or liver. Then if you don't see clearing in 2-3 weeks, then up the dosage. This is a play it safe method. The higher the dose the higher the risk. I've taken accutane before so I know my tolerance. I buy online all the time, however, I realize the risks.

Make sure you buy from a source that other accutane users recommend. On [url]www.*********[/url], many people suggest online sites that are reliable. Good luck. In my next life I'm coming back as a dermatologist. They prescribe stuff for a disease for which there is no cure. How easy is that. And 80% of thier patients are acne sufferers. What a scam.

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