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I've also been looking to buy online. I just get the feeling that some of the online pharmacies are a bit shady and right when i was ready to put in my credit card information I changed my mind. I'm going to try to find a doc who will prescribe it for me. I'm not sure how much it costs with insurance but online it's usually around $260 for 40mg x 60 capsules. I would hope that it would be MUCH less than this with insurance coverage but we'll see. For me, cost is not the main issue (well it is somewhat of an issue considering the fact that I'm broke) it is the quality and reliability of the drug. I don't really care about all the blood tests and stuff. I just would rather not order from some shady pharmacy in mexico and paying around $1000 for a total course of treatment unless I really really had to.
So, in closing my advice would be to get it prescribed if at all possible. You'll probably save yourself money and will feel better about the authenticity of the meds you are getting. I'm sure most of them send you the real stuff. For some reason it just makes me a bit paranoid. But I know what you're thinking. Well at least for me, it's going to be a few weeks before I can get in to see the doctor. Then he'll probably refer me to a dermatologist who I'll have to wait another month to see and it's possible that derm won't even want to prescribe it. That would SUCK.
Well whatever you decide to do, good luck and if you do end up deciding to buy it online from a reliable source please let me know where from.
Oh, another reason I don't know about ordering it is on most of the websites that sell it there is a warning about US customs and that it is illegal to ship prescription medicines. I guess they will still ship it to you. I don't know if they actually check for those things or if you can get in any trouble for it or not???

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