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Retin A Micro
Apr 21, 2004
Ok I have a few acne bumps here and there with pale skin so I decided to get rid of those little bumps with some Retin A micro. I have been on this for a week now. I am Lobster Red and Peeling. I look like burn victim plus I have the worst breakout I have had in 3 years. I am wondering will I ever see my beautiful pale even toned skin again? Sense I didnt have that much acne to begin with how long should it take to clear up and for the redness and peeling stop? Im so scared my skin will be forever RED! I am going to give it 6 weeks like it said and if the redness has not went away or I look worse i guess I will go back to my old benzyol Peroxide routine with Triaz at least it was making my pale face even toned and bleaching out the redness. I havent had ance this bad in 3 years, Im scared my face is going through kind of a micheal Jackson phase: Face had few acne and was nice looking. I wanted it to look better or perfect so I went through another treatment and now im afraid it will be worse. Well actually sense it has only been a week and i have all the peeling and its just starting to work and bring all the stuff to the surface I do look worse. I just wanna hide in the house. Any advice? or Anyone know if the burnt look will ever dissappear? or when does it usually? anyone here on Retin A micro?
Re: Retin A Micro
Apr 22, 2004
Retin-A will make your face look worse before better, but dont worry it won't be permanent! maybe ease off for a while though. Drs say that your skin takes a full month to renew itself so Retin-A won't improve your skin until it's had a chance to go through a full cycle (month). My problem is that I use Retin-A and my skin looks red and peeling for a week or two so I freak out and stop using it, then it looks great so I think, 'my skin looks great while I'm not using retin-a therefore why should I use it?' but the way retin-a works is that it improves your skin in the long term.

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