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[QUOTE=Clark]I've actually started to see some results with an increased dosage of saw palmetto, so I'm going to wait a few days before deciding whether to begin spiro. We decided to start at 50 mg/day and see how that goes, and if it's not effective, to increase to 100 mg/day. Joeh is doing 100 mg/day and so is Grimey.

Regarding the side effects -- this may be self-serving, but the technical info for spiro (Aldactone) does not read as frightening as some of the posts on this board. For example, ED is listed as a potential adverse effect in men, but sterility is not (there is a difference, and permanent sterility is significantly more adverse than temporary ED). Gynecomastia (breast enlargement) is also a potential adverse effect. It is clear, however, that the manufacturer anticipates that it will be prescribed for males, unlike Avodart which clearly indicates (over and over) that it should not be taken by females.

Every detail will be documented on this board. I still believe that there are continually users of this forum who achieve success and then disappear into the night, which is unbelievably selfish.[/QUOTE]

Clark -- did you ever start on the spiro your dr. prescribed? If so, how's it going?

Grimey -- what about an update w/ you and spiro?

As for Chicane, I saw some messages he posted on another internet website where he was talking about how he was going to start some new regimen totally unrelated to Avodart. So it looks like Avodart did not work for him for whatever reason. In light of this and all of the other stuff I'm hearing about Avodart not working and POSSIBLY, I repeat possibly, resulting in some sort of upregulation of dht that could make acne worse if you ever went off Avodart, I've decided to nix my Avodart plan. I've ordered some topical Spiro and will try out along w/ continuing my regimen of 10g B5, Saw Palmetto, and Beta Sitosterol. I'm upping my dose of B5 to 10g from 6g and it has definitely dried my up over the past few days.

If this plan does not work, I will try Oral Spiro.

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