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Re: Diet and Acne
Apr 22, 2004
Hi Andrew,

For starters, you would probably learn a lot more by browsing through all the diet posts that already exist. This topic has been discussed so much: just do a search and you'll be amazed at how much comes up.

Secondly, everybody's body reacts differently to different foods, so what triggers one persons acne may not trigger yours, and vice versa. You have to become aware of what seems to worsen yours, maybe try keeping a diary and look for possible aggravaters.

As for your questions:

[QUOTE]Whats better for you, white bread or brown? Or is it best to cut it out completely.[/QUOTE]
Try cutting bread out completely for a while and see how it goes. Wheat and simple carbs can cause problems for some people.

[QUOTE]What meats are good (chicken, pork, beef etc).[/QUOTE]
Organic meats are always better. Then chicken and lamb are pretty good. I'm not too sure about pork...

[QUOTE]How much water or other fluids should i drink?[/QUOTE]
Just drink lots of water. I believe they recommend 8 glasses a day, but I don't count them. Squeezing fresh lemon into the water is beneficial and adds some flavor.

[QUOTE]Is pasta a good idea or bad idea?[/QUOTE]
These are just extra carbs that are better to be avoided.

[QUOTE]Only fruit i really eat are Apple, Orange and Banana[/QUOTE]
I have heard that some people have problems with oranges and bananas. Apples are a good choice, so are blueberries. I also eat melon and pear, and grapes occassionally, along with other berries.

[QUOTE]if someone could post what i should eat in the morning, afternoon and dinner time i'd greatly appreciate it.[/QUOTE]

Basically, it feels like I am eating a "caveman diet"... only natural foods. Lots of veggies (spinach, broccoli, cauliflour, asparagas, salads, etc), fruit, chicken and lamb, fish and shrimp, raw almonds and sunflower seeds, raw almond butter, walnuts. I am still looking for a good breakfast item because the cereal I was eating before has sucralose in it, and I want to eliminate that too. I avoid dairy, I'm trying to avoid wheat/gluten (just starting that), avoid all processed foods/sauces, bad carbohydrates, no peanuts or cashews or roasted nuts (bad breakouts for me!).

Yes, this type of diet is very limited, but my skin is getting better and I know it is good for my overall health. That's what makes me stick with it.

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