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Diet and Acne
Apr 22, 2004

I just have 1 simple question. I have mild/moderate acne and i hate it so much, when it clears up and my face dosen't look bad i feel great but when i get breakouts i feel like ****. I know how most of you must feel, sometimes i feel bad coming here complaining about my situation when i know many of you have it a lot worse.

Anyways to my question:

What is a good diet to go on in order to prevent breakouts or to atleast minimize them to smaller breakouts if you know what i mean.

I'm not a very healthy eater and don't know a whole lot about what not to eat and what to eat etc. From reading these forums i understand Dairy (cheese, milk etc.) is not good to eat so i'm staying away from that. Also greasy foods(take outs, fries, etc.) and sugar foods (candy, etc)

Right now all i am drinking is water, and maybe a glass of orange juice sometimes.

So what i would like is for someone to post a really good diet to follow (ie: tell me what to eat on a daily basis) just give me so insight of what i should eat and what i shouldn't. Like i said i'm not very smart when it comes to balanced diets.

Whats better for you, white bread or brown? Or is it best to cut it out completely. Right now i usualy eat brown.

What meats are good (chicken, pork, beef etc).

How much water or other fluids should i drink?

Is pasta a good idea or bad idea?

Only fruit i really eat are Apple, Orange and Banana. Not very often either but i'm going to change that!

So if someone could post what i should eat in the morning, afternoon and dinner time i'd greatly appreciate it. I'm not expecting for this to make my face clean i'm just hopeing it will make it better so if i get a breakout it's not a big one and it clears up faster.

Thanks in Advance guys!

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