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ARRRRRRRR!!!! When I started the BC I only had mild acne. I've been working soooo hard on my diet and it has help improve my acne from moderate to mild/very mild. I'm sooo scared all my hard work in going down the drain and BC is going to make my skin worse! It's hard to feel encouraged when you skin looks like S**T!! I couldn't sleep all last night and tried to cover everything up with makeup; I don't think my makeup skills are very good :( At the moment I have around 20 of those clean and clear acne patches on my face because I just didn't want to look at my face anymore! The pimples I am getting right now are really really big and red!!! they are roughly the size of a fingernail. I'm sooo sad.... It's such a tough decision whether to continue or not because no-one really knows if it's going to get better or not....

Thank you all for replying. When you experience your initial breakout was it really bad? do you mind telling me how bad you acne was before you started BC, how bad your initial breakout was, and how long did this horrible breakout lasted? Sob...
I'm six months pregnant so I'll have another 4 months of clear skin. I almost forget that I ever had acne. It's such a good feeling never to worry about my face. don't get me wrong, now I am crying about how fat I am, my back hurts, my hair is awful, I'm so emotional. I definately don't feel more attractive, just acne free. You don't realize what you have until it's gone. When I had acne, I had a really nice, skinny body - but I didn't care, I was obsessed with my face. Try, if you can, to appreciate what you do have - hair, eyes, body, etc. I know it's hard because the Ortho made me really emotional and anxious at the same time as making me break out.

Also, I wouldn't count on pregnancy clearing everyone up. From what I hear, sometimes you get worse, sometimes you get better, just like the pill. Unfortunately, there's no way to know without a lifelong commitment.

Oh, I'm so glad that you have your boyfriend. Mine would tell me all the time that I was beautiful and that he was in love with me and not my skin. He always said that when he looked at me he didn't see my skin, he saw my eyes. I love him so much.
Sky77>> Yasmin contains spironolactone, which is supposed to help with acne, but for me, it made it much worse. I don't know why this happened, but maybe I am allergic or sensitive to spiro. I guess you could say that Demulen is right for me because it cleared me up really quickly, but I can't guarantee that it will work for everyone.

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