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Ok, Cameron Diaz has acne. Britney Spears had acne and even attached her name to ProActive. Alicia Key's has bad acne. These people are supposed to be perfect, i.e. have perfect skin everywhere on their bodies. These are the same people who have millions of people adoring them and in turn they're heads blow up. They have more money than god and I'm sure know about this procedure and probably even better ones. If these celebrities still have acne, then that expensive procedure must not work.

I've had acne for about 3 years. I have dry skin and the acne is inflammatory. A week ago I started using jojoba oil with a little bit of vitamin E and some tea tree oil in it. At first I didn't want to jinx it by commenting on how well my skin was looking, but after a week I have to. This stuff has worked better than anything I've ever used my whole life. Right now I'm on Bactrim and it doesn't do a great job, but I'm not sure how bad my skin would be without it. With this jojoba oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil, it soaks right into my skin, is not oily at all, somehow has made the appearance of my pores less noticeable and has gotten rid of most of my acne.

I paid 5 dollars for the jojoba oil in a health food store. No more than $5 for the Vitamin E. And 5 or six dollars for the Tea Tree oil.

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